Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raccoon Removal in NJ

As the cold weather starts approaching, there are a few things one can rely on: hot cocoa will become the new favorite drink, snow will be there to ruin our daily commutes and pesky raccoons will be looking for places to hide themselves from the cold. Alco Animal and Pest Control may not be able to provide you with a steaming cup of cocoa or help you avoid the icy roads, but for raccoon control in New Jersey, there is no one better.

The professionals at Alco Animal and Pest Control have been in the animal and pest control industry for a multitude of years, and they have been at the forefront of creating new techniques and methods for raccoon removal in New Jersey. Our technicians are all vastly trained and are deeply knowledgeable in the latest techniques and can ensure that the job will get done in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can even provide our clients with same-day removal services.

Raccoons in particular are rather dangerous because of their tendency to have sharp claws and teeth. Raccoons are not aggressive by nature, but when faced with an unknown situation or if they feel threatened, they have been known to bite, claw or scratch. If their pups are involved, mothers have been know try anything to protect their kin. They are also vectors of disease, meaning that are able to carry and transfer disease such as rabies and ringworm.

If you find that you do have a raccoon in the house or if you find that they are crowding your yard, please call us right away. We will send our raccoon removal specialists in New Jersey to survey the area. Once the problem is properly diagnosed, they will work with you to devise a plan that best suits your schedule and budget. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not be afraid to call us at 201-261-7566!


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