Thursday, March 13, 2014

NJ Mole Control

Moles are small mammals that live underground in tunnels. They look cute, but are also be very destructive to landscapes leaving behind holes. Their long curved claws are used for digging as they make their way around through the soil. This can destroy property and may need professional mole control in NJ.Their burrowing is a way for moles to stay away from their natural predators, birds and reptiles.
Moles dine on earthworms and other insects in the soil, they also trap mice that walk into their tunnels underground. The saliva of a mole contains a toxin that paralyzes earthworms and other insects. Despite their poor eyesight, moles can sense when a worm falls into their tunnel causing the mole to catch it. Within their tunnels, moles create a stockpile to store their prey for later consumption.
There are about 20 different species of mole and they all breed around the same time in the Spring. The male mole lets out loud pitched squeals in search for a female, they may even search through foreign tunnels.
These mammals can be very destructive as they create plenty of holes in lawns and gardens. Moles can be often known as pests when they are in someone’s yard destroying it. With all the holes the moles create they can reduce the area for growth and often cause weeds to grow.

If you have found evidence, or suspect, there is a mole on your property, it is best to seek professional help. The NJ mole control experts at Alco Animal and Pest control are here to help. We provide humane mole removal in NJ and will design a plan to prevent the critter from returning.

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