Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dealing with Pests in the Spring

Spring is here, and with it a multitude of pests, from rodents to insects that seek to invade homes, lawns and gardens. Alco Animal & Pest Control, located in Bloomfield, NJ, is busy this time of year helping New Jersey residents deal with these pests safely and efficiently.


Swarm season is upon us and Alco’s technicians are well prepared to deal with termite and carpenter ant swarms. Spring’s arrival also means the return of other unwanted insects such as carpenter bees, wasps, cave crickets, spiders, and ants. Alco Animal & Pest Control can also remove bee nests and wasp nets then treat the area so that the pests do not return. All treatments are guaranteed.

Rodents & Animals

Spring season is also breeding season for many rodents and animals in New Jersey. Alco’s technicians have been busy lately safely removing squirrel and raccoon babies from customer’s homes, as well as sealing up entry points to prevent the possibility of re-entry. Alco Animal & Pest Control specializes in animal exclusion work. New Jersey residents will also begin to notice that spring means the return of moles and ground hogs. If you have a garden or like to keep your lawn well-maintained, then these are two pests you can live without. Alco’s technicians are well equipped to deal with moles and ground hogs so that your property remains green and clean throughout the spring and summer months.


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