Friday, April 29, 2011

Mosquito Control Service in NJ
Mosquito Removal NJ | Mosquito Control Services New Jersey | Mosquito Pest Control NJ
Now that the warm whether has arrived, so have mosquitoes. While most mosquitoes are merely nuisances, some can actually transmit serious diseases such as encephalitis and malaria in humans and heartworm disease in dogs. 

Alco Animal & Pest Control provides full mosquito removal and mosquito control service. We offer great mosquito control service in NJ; we are well certifies and informed when it comes to animal control. 

At Alco Pest Control we use safe, effective and humane pesticides to take care of that nagging pest problem. ALCO pest control technicians are trained to take care of any pest problem you have from ants to bees, termites and more. All of our pest control and animal removal services are fully guaranteed.


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