Monday, February 11, 2013

Raccoon Control NJ

During the winter months, many different types of wildlife may try to find warmth and shelter inside your home. Raccoons can become quite a nuisance. They can nest in your chimney or attic, knock over garbage cans and even steal your pet’s food or bird seed. If you see one, especially in the daylight, you should not engage it. Instead, call a professional. ALCO NJ Raccoon Control is here to remove any raccoon or wildlife that may be in your home or yard. We only use humane methods to remove animals and pests.

We provide same day services for raccoon control in NJ. Now is the time that females look to nest and nurse her young. A mother is very protective with her young and could try to bite or scratch any people or pets who may come too near.

The three species of raccoons are :

  • Tres Marias
  • Crab Eating Racoon
  • Common Raccoon

The Common Raccoon is the species found in the United States and Canada. They can grow up to three feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds. Raccoons can carry disease and are known to carry worms or have rabies. Sometimes a raccoon can even have rabies without showing any symptoms. Even though a raccoon may appear friendly and harmless, they can be dangerous in actuality.

We provide same day service as well as a 24 hour emergency service for any wildlife problems plaguing your home. All our services are fully guaranteed. Do not hesitate to call us if your home is inhabited by animals or pests. For more information on our raccoon control in NJ, call 973-540-9944.

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