Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raccoon Control in Bergen County

Raccoons may appear cute at a distance, but can be a nuisance or even hazardous if they infest your yard or house. If you are in need of raccoon control in Bergen County, ALCO NJ Animal Control has been serving Northern New Jersey with animal and pest control services for years. We use only safe and humane methods to remove any animals.

Raccoons can nest in numerous areas of your home, but will typically go into the attic or chimney. They are also known to wreck up your place. They will tip over garbages and will steal bird seed or pet food. They may also carry diseases such as rabies. This kind of stuff can all be prevented by contacting Bergen County raccoon pest control.

Raccoons are strong climbers and are good at getting into places. They can tear a hole in a roof or wall pretty easily, and Their nimble hands give them access to anywhere in your home. Raccoons tend to live in urban and suburban areas and are classified as pests because of their inclination to invade homes.

If you encounter a raccoon in or around your home, you are advised to call professional animal control services immediately. Not only is capture difficult for an untrained person, but the raccoon may be dangerous. Even if you would like to remove the raccoon on your own, most types of removal are illegal for an unlicensed individual to perform.

For more information on any of our animal or pest removal services including racoon removal services in North Jersey, call us at 201-261-7566.

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