Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keep Squirrels Outside with Bergen County Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are clever animals that have a surprising knack for getting what they want, regardless of the obstacles.  Anyone who owns a bird feeder and has tried to keep squirrels from eating the seed to no avail can attest to their intelligence.  While they can be a mild nuisance in your yard by eating what they should not, squirrels inside your home are a much larger problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible.  If you have noticed squirrels in your attic or basement, ALCO Animal and Pest Control can provide Bergen County squirrel removal services quickly for you.

Most home and business owners are shocked when they see the damage that squirrels have done and even more shocked when they have to pay the bills to repair said damage.  Squirrels carry diseases, make a lot of noise, and chew on everything in sight.  If potential sickness, sleepless nights, and fires caused by frayed wire are not enough to convince you to get squirrel removal in Bergen County, we are not sure anything will.  Do not mistake squirrels’ cute appearance as a sign of innocence because they can be very dangerous for your family and your property.

Do not try to get rid of wild animals on your own; trust in the professionals who have been there many times before.  To find out more about our Bergen County squirrel removal services, call ALCO Animal and Pest Control today at 201-261-7566.

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