Friday, May 10, 2013

Alco Provides All Types of Animal Control Services in NJ

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, more and more wildlife are starting to show up. This is all well and good if you are taking a walk through the park, but not as good if they are turning up in and around your home or business. If you are dealing with any type of animal infestation, Alco NJ Animal Control is the company to call. We provide all types of animal control in NJ and only use safe and non-toxic equipment and methods for removal services.

Alco understands that dealing with a wild animal can be a stressful thing. That is why we do our best to alleviate your problems as quickly as possible. We offer same day services and even special 24 hour emergency services. We offer animal control services in NJ for any animal that may be intruding upon your home. In New Jersey, common animals in need of removal may include:

  • Raccoons
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Rats
  • Birds

We also offers our services for insect removal. Our expertly trained staff is prepared to remove any infestation. If any animal is plaguing your premises, do not hesitate to call Alco before things get out of hand. For more information on any of our services regarding animal removal in NJ, call us at 973-540-9944.

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