Monday, May 12, 2014

NJ Pest Summer Tips

This summer there will be plenty of parties and BBQs, besides that you may have a visit from a few pests during the summer. Uninvited guests can ruin the fun pretty quickly but with these helpful tips you'll start the party right.

If you have a BBQ planned for the afternoon into night mosquitoes may come and join the party. They often come out during dusk, and into the night. Always have plenty of insect repellent around when you are outside to stop from getting bitten. Just by taking this step, you won’t have to worry about waking up in the morning, covered in reminders that you forgot to put on repellent. If you find that mosquitoes are becoming a more a serious problem then in the past, you may need a professional Pest service in NJ.

Decorate your deck or patio with citronella candles to help minimize the presence of mosquitoes.
Over the years, your screen door may develop few holes from normal wear.  Patching those holes is often a quick and simple fix. You can also install a brand new screen without having to worry about those patched up holes opening up again. People will constantly be walking in and out of your house, so make sure they close the door behind them. This can lead to more major pest problems that require NJ pest control.

Be sure to always keep your areas clean of trash and spills. If they are left unattended for too long flies or bees will soon join the party. Keep the food covered and sealed at all times during to prevent bugs and rodents from scavenging. This can cause some serious pest problems.

Alco Pest Control wants you to have a fun, and pest free, summer. These NJ Pest summer tips will prevent pests from bothering you too much at your party. If you suspect that you may have a more serious NJ pest problem, contact Alco Pest Control today and speak with one of our trained experts for NJ Pest Control.

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  1. I like pest tips. I am always getting attacked by mosquitoes. I have a friend that works with Maybe he will have some tips for me too.