Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bed Bug Removal in NJ

Are you looking for bed bug removal in NJ? If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs in New Jersey, Alco Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to get rid of them. Using the right equipment for the job will not harm your home. Multiple bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs but Alco Pest Control can stop them from hatching and spreading. Over the years, we have built a reputation among our clients by successfully removing bed bugs from many homes and commercial buildings.

Bed Bugs in NJ are little parasites that are tough to see. They can hide in beds, couches and any other kind of furniture. Bed bugs hide in these areas to stay warm and lay eggs. They feed by biting people and sucking their blood. The most common way people notice they have bed bugs is by seeing they have been bitten and have red marks on their body. Bed bugs are the size of apple seeds, making them tough to see by the naked eye. You can check your bed and clothes for bed bugs but it may be pretty difficult.

Anyone that has encountered an issue with NJ bed bugs can tell you it is not fun. There are many different species of bed bugs but Cimex Lecturaius are the most well-known. Unlike mosquito bites that leave the affected area red and itchy for a few days, bed bug bites are much more noticeable and take a while to fade away. Before this becomes a problem for you and your family, let professional like Alco Pest Control easily remove them.

Alco Pest Control provides a bed bug removal service in NJ that will remove your bed bug problem. For more information on our bed bug removal service, give us a call today at 973-540-9944.

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