Thursday, May 21, 2015

Raccoon Control in Bergen County NJ

Although raccoons have adorable faces, they are anything but cute. The raccoon, also known as the North American raccoon, the common raccoon, and other colloquial names, is a medium-sized mammal known for its intelligence and its mask-like facial fur pattern. While they typically live in deciduous forests, Raccoons are highly adaptive creatures and can live just about any moderate climate, including highly populated urban and suburban areas. This can end up in unwanted visits from raccoons on your residential or commercial property. If you are in need of raccoon control in Bergen County NJ, ALCO Animal & Pest Control is here to assist you.

Raccoons are a tangible hazard to people. Rabies, a disease commonly carried by rodents, is found in raccoons and can be contracted via a bite. They also have been known to carry the raccoon roundworm, which can also be contracted by humans. Don’t put your family or your workers at risk. ALCO Animal & Pest Control can help you with raccoon control in Bergen County NJ whether you own a home or business.

Our methods of raccoon control and removal are environmentally friendly and humane, keeping your loved ones safe from harm. With over 15 years of experience, ALCO Animal & Pest Control has the expertise to keep your property raccoon-free. If you are interested in raccoon control services in Bergen County NJ you can visit our website or call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at 201-261-7566 or 973-540-9944.

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