Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bat Removal in NJ

Are you looking for bat removal in NJ? To some crazy people, bats are adorable little teddy bears with wings. To the rest of us, they are horrifying, rat-like flying creatures that fly into our faces and try to bite us, possibly infecting us with rabies, vampirism (just kidding), or worse! In reality, bats are as dangerous as any wilde animal that enters your home uninvited, and typically, it doesn't want to be there any more than you want it there. It's not safe to try to remove a bat from your home by yourself. Call Alco Animal & Pest Control to safely handle a bat that has found itself in your home.

Bats typically get stuck in houses via chimneys at night, but can just as easily fly in through open windows. They are mainly nocturnal creatures, so you won't typically find them in well-lit places. That's why they end up hiding in dark corners of your home. They don't want to be there, and they can bite, just like a rat or any other mammal. And like all wild mammals, there is a chance that it has rabies. At Alco Animal & Pest Control, we know how to properly capture and handle bats to ensure they are removed from your home promptly and safely.

Since 1995, the animal control experts at Alco Animal & Pest Control has been helping homeowners with safe and effective bat removal in NJ. Our trained and experienced animal handlers treat the bat humanely while capturing it and removing it from your home. As previously mentioned, a bat hunts insects at night and does not want to be trapped in your home. It's not interested in nesting there and more than likely got stuck by flying through a window or through your chimney by mistake.

Let us help you remove a bat that got itself stuck inside your home. If you need bat removal in NJ, call Alco Animal & Pest Control today at (973)540-9944. One phone call and one of our bat removal experts will be on their way to safely and humanely remove the trapped bat from your home.


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