Monday, October 26, 2015

Rodent Control in NJ

Rodents are among the biggest pests in human dwellings. Because of their attraction to food and ability to find sustenance in garbage, rats and other rodents can find their way into any location. These animals are filthy and can carry with them all sorts of diseases. If you have rodents in your home, give NJ Pest a call now for rodent control in NJ. We are committed to your satisfaction and use industry standard equipment and our own methods gained from our years of experience to perform rodent control in NJ. 

Rats and mice are often found in crawlspaces, attics, and basements. Away from the home, but still on your property, you may find rats in your shed, barn, or even a car packed in the driveway. Shelter is shelter for a rat. Anywhere he can rest his head is his temporary home. Keep them away from your permanent home with rat and mice control in NJ. Evict the rats and mice from your premises.

Possums and opossums may also take up residence in your home. If you see one of these creatures, you should call us immediately. They can range in size, but you’ll often see them about equal in size to an average housecat. Possums cause damage to your home’s foundation as well as the soil and other parts of the outdoors. Although not considered a rodent, possums have similar behavior to the rats you’ll find scavenging about.

Squirrels typically live in trees. These small animals are fairly harmless, but their scurrying around in your attic could be quite the annoyance. Multiply this with the fact that home-dwelling squirrels are often pregnant. They probably entered the home seeking a place to build a nest. This means that baby squirrels are either near or also squatting somewhere in the home. Our squirrel control in NJ includes a trapping system to ensure that damage to these animals is minimized as much as possible.

Although far less common, other rodents such as porcupines and beavers may come onto your property. No matter the size of the rodent or the damage it may cause your home, you should get in contact with our expert rodent control in NJ team before you have an entire litter of pests living alongside you.

We perform rodent control in NJ to the following counties:

  • Rodent control in Bergen County NJ
  • Rodent control in Hudson County NJ
  • Rodent control in Middlesex County NJ
  • Rodent control in Passaic County NJ
  • Rodent control in Union County NJ
  • Rodent control in Essex County NJ
  • Rodent control in Hunterdon County NJ
  • Rodent control in Morris County NJ
  • Rodent control in Somerset County NJ

    When you need rodent control in NJ, trust NJ Pest to provide safe removal methods and added protection for your home or property. When we remove an pest or rodent, we look to ensure that your property will be protected from their return.

    For more information about rodent control in NJ, to schedule an appointment, or for 24 hour emergency service and removal, please call NJ Pest today at (973) 540-9944.
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