Monday, November 16, 2015

Pest Control in Bergen County NJ

Many species of insect are considered a pest species to human. Aside from dangers of disease and infestation, certain insects cause massive damage to their new dwellings and require pest control in Bergen County NJ. Termites are one such example of this. Given time to eat away at your home, a termite infestation can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in structural damage. At Alco Animal and Pest Control, we are determined to remove termites and other pests from your home with prompt methods and safe (for you) products. Our professional, certified team has years of experience dealing with crawling invaders, giving them the boot from your home and incorporating protective methods to keep them at bay. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Below is some basic information about termites, to better understand their threat. If you notice even one inside your home, give our pest control in Bergen County NJ experts a call immediately.

Termites will eat away at almost any surface. Although commonly associated with wood, they will also feed on paper, insulation, and swimming pool components. They will also destroy the plant and tree life on your property, going to town on anything they get their teeth into. While these problems may be severe, the real threat comes when termites have collected underneath your home. They can literally destroy a home from the inside.

Termite infestations are typically found in the spring season, between March and May. This is because termites are awoken by the warmer temperatures. The winged termites will show up first, called “swarmers,” and they will fall to the floor in search of a mate. This is the onset of their colony’s renewal process. If you see these winged termites anywhere in your home, you have a potential problem on the way and should call for pest control in Bergen County NJ immediately.

Many homeowners have asked us if we can focus on one specific area during our termite removal process. While it’s possible to get many, or even most of the termites with focused treatment, it is unlikely that all will be caught. Termites, like many other pests, are crafty. If one is found anywhere on your property, it is best to treat the entire location. Our pest control treatments will remove termites for up to five years. That is, until a new colony presents itself. When our experts are treating your home, ask for advice to help prevent further infestations in the future.

We are commited to providing exceptional customer service while keeping your home protected against swarms of termites. For more information about pest control in Bergen County NJ, call the professionals at Alco Animal and Pest Control today at (201) 261-7566.

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