Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Squirrel Removal NJ

It’s true, squirrels are everywhere. You probably cross paths with several squirrels every day. So it’s more than likely you have some of these critters trying to take residence in your home. Don’t worry, we know how to handle and care for them in the best possible way with professional squirrel removal NJ. At Alco Animal & Pest Control, our professionals have years of experience chasing these critters down and placing them back in their environment. We use humane methods to capture and release squirrels back into the wild, away from your home while offering methods on how to prevent their unwanted return. We are committed to your safety, as well as the safety of our bushy-tailed friends.

Squirrels tend to take shelter in homes and buildings when the weather is rough or begins to get cooler. They’ll chew through the outside of your home or building and make their home in attics and crawl spaces. If you’re suspicious of a squirrel infiltration it’s best to contact us for squirrel removal NJ as soon as possible. When these creatures take up shelter in your building this can lead to all sorts of expensive damages. They tend to chew electrical wires, create all sorts of holes that can cause weather/water damage. Also, they can leave homes exposed to things that can cause fires and a list of other damages.

We seek out how these squirrels are entering your building, and deal with them in the most practical, efficient way possible. It’s best to call us for removal before serious damages occur. Squirrels also carry a variety of diseases that can be harmful to the health of you, your family, friends or coworkers. We take it upon ourselves to handle these creatures in the best, safest possible way. It’s best not to take it into your own hands and lay down traps and harmful poisons around your building. We take care of the building and the squirrels when we go in to perform squirrel removal NJ. They are looking for a place to eat, and sleep and protect themselves and their offspring from the elements. That’s all they want. So we remove them in a humane way that’s safe for the creature, and we place them somewhere where they’ll be safe and away from hazardous circumstances.

Not only are these infiltrations harmful to you and your building, but the local wildlife as well. Problems that go undealt with can lead to really severe issues. Like fires caused by frayed wires and cables which can destroy homes, buildings and spread. So call us to help remove these creatures from your place of residence or building with humane squirrel removal NJ. We’ll be happy to deal with them, and help you protect your building from infiltration in the future. The sooner they’re removed the more money you can save on expensive repairs and prevent potential medical issues. Let us help you, and your circumstance while remaining safe to you and the creatures involved. 

We serve the following counties with squirrel removal NJ:

Squirrel Removal Union County, NJ

For more informationa about our squirrel removal NJ methods, contact Alco Animal & Pest Control today at (973) 540-9944.

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