Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Raccoon Control in NJ

Raccoons are beautiful and intelligent creatures that live in forested areas as their natural habitat. The trouble with raccoons is that they sometimes find their way into homes to access easy food and warm shelter. Raccoons love to live in attics as it offers a perfect warm place for having babies. Once a raccoon finds its way to your home, especially in New Jersey, you need to call our professionals at ALCO Animal & Pest Control for raccoon control in NJ. This is because raccoons are highly intelligent, resourceful and will always find ways to avoid being captured if you don’t know how to capture them. Here are three reasons why you need to hire a professional to remove a raccoon  from your property:

Raccoon repellents rarely work
Raccoon Control in NJ 
Trying to chase raccoons using raccoon repellents is useless. Raccoon repellents rarely work because raccoons won’t go away. Instead, if you are trying to chase them away using the repellents, the raccoon will probably squirt at the smell and then go back to doing what it does best. Some companies sell other repellents like a fox or coyote urine claiming raccoons are afraid of these animals, but the method doesn’t work.

Raccoons can be aggressive
Raccoons, when cornered, can turn out to be very aggressive, especially if it’s a female with pups. They will target a garbage bin, and spill and scatter the garbage everywhere on the property. Raccoons can also enter your kitchen through different openings including the window and attack your pets and children if they are threatened. ALCO Animal & Pest Control's professional raccoon removers have special skills, years of experience, and the right tools for safe removal of the animals.

Raccoons spread rabies
Trying a DIY raccoon removal can be very dangerous as raccoons carry diseases including rabies. Once they feel threatened, raccoons can bite and give you rabies, an extremely painful and ultimately fatal disease. If it bites you or your pet in the process of trapping or chasing it away, visit the doctor as quickly as possible and take the pet to a veterinarian. Because of the risk of being bitten, raccoon removal in best left to our professionals.

After removal, the raccoon is released somewhere it can survive with the pups. This is why you need to entrust raccoon removal service to the professional. In some places, the law also requires you to do so.

To learn more about our raccoon removal in NJ or for more information about us at ALCO Animal & Pest Control, please call us at (973)540-9944 and one of our pest control experts will be ready to speak with you. 


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