Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HUGE Advantages of a Small Company

Ever feel like you are being taken advantage of, over charged and not given the service you deserve?  That is usually the outcome when being serviced by a large impersonal company with only one end in site; the bank.  Greed is the word I am thinking of here.
At NJ Pest we are a small animal and pest control company that uses family values and is family owned and family operated.  We take our job personally and provide each task with the time, attention and care it deserves. 

Advantages of a small owner operated pest company:
*You are not just a customer or a number, but a VALUED client!
*Family owned, family values, family operated!
*More personal and dedicated to job!
*Smaller more personal staff!
*More promotions and deals!

If you want BIG advantages choose a small pest control company, like NJ Pest, to get the job done!
Call us today: 973 540-9944,  201 261-7566,  908 522-0922

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