Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pest Control Tips For The Spring

Inside The Home Pest Control Tips

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  • Clean your doors and windows. Thoroughly vacuum and clean window and sliding door tracks to help prevent outside invaders such as carpet beetles, earwigs, silverfish and spiders.
  • Store away wool and fur-trimmed clothing. During warm weather months, wash and store away wool and fur-trimmed or -lined clothing in sealed containers or plastic bags to reduce the chance of moth or carpet beetle activity.
  • Time to organize the garage. Clean up and organize cluttered items along the perimeter walls of the garage, where rodents hide out. Now is an opportune time to install shelving or storage cabinets and get all your stuff off the garage floor.

Outside The Home Pest Control Tips

  • Repair weather damage to vents and other access points to your home. It is a good idea to inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles or tiles that may allow pests access or water damage that would contribute to pest infestation.
  • Remove clutter from your gutters; which include twigs, leaves and other debris.
  • Drain all standing water This serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a water source for rodents and other animals.
  • Yard work – Remove unwanted weeds, leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris.
  • Trim the trees. Trees provide insects and rodents access to your house, so limbs should be pruned back at least four feet from the roofline. Shrubs should also be regularly trimmed so they do not come into contact with the structure of the home.
  • Move firewood outside. All unburned firewood should be taken outside so that insects residing beneath the bark do not infest the home. Firewood should be neatly stacked at least 18″ off of the ground to help prevent rodents and to help deter termite activity.

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