Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you have bedbugs in your home? Alco Pest control are the bedbug exterminators NJ for you.

What Alco Pest Control Provides:
  • Our professional bed bug control service NJ rapidly kills bed bugs and their eggs!
  • Our bed bug removal NJ process is safe for pets and children.
  • Unlike steam treatment – there is absolutely no clean up from water damage.

How to avoid bed bugs while traveling:
  • Before unpacking, check your room for any signs of bugs; ask for another room or leave in the event you see one.
  • Do not put luggage on any furniture.


  1. Bed bugs cannot climb polished glass or metal easily and they don't fly, so that the legs of beds can also be placed inside glass jars or metal cans.

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  2. Bed bugs are one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. They are little insects that suck human blood for their survival. Though the commonly accepted is that they are too tiny to be seen, it's not entirely true. These insects often come to life in our homes at night, therefore making it all the more difficult for us to spot a bed bug infestation.
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