Monday, August 8, 2011

Flea Control Removal Service NJ

If you have fleas in your home, you’ll need to pay serious attention to this problem with an flea control NJ expert. At Alco Animal and Pest Control, we don’t just treat the flea problem in your home, we also go the extra mile to make sure fleas don’t make their way back into your home by treating your lawn and pets. The pest experts at Alco will discuss flea control service NJ with you and what kinds of effects the treatment will have on your home.

Here are some tips to prepare for your flea removal company NJ :
• Observe where pets spend time-inside and outside the home to see where fleas might have been contracted.
• Keep all uninfected animals away from the site with fleas.
• Vacuum carpets, floors, rugs, drapes, upholstered furniture, mattresses and cushions. Use a vacuum with a disposable bag and dispose of it by incineration or sealing in a plastic bag.
• Wash or dispose of all pet bedding.
• Clean or vacuum wood and tile floors with special attention to grooves, cracks and baseboards.
• Sweep porches, steps and decks
• Cut the lawn and remove debris and clutter prior to yard treatment.
• All unwrapped food should be covered or placed in cabinets or the refrigerator. Food preparation surfaces and utensils should be covered.
• Be sure to remove all toys, decorative items, pillows and other items off the floor, including under the bed and closets, so that all areas of the floor can be treated.
• Cover fish tanks and remove small animals such as birds and hamsters when the technician arrives.


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