Friday, February 24, 2012

Raccoon Removal NJ: Pest Control by the Season

It's the end of February and with the change of seasons comes the threat of reawakened animals seeking a place to start their new families.  Between March and May, raccoons start their house hunting.  Crawl spaces, rarely used sheds, attics and basements; these are all perfect places for female raccoon to keep their newborns safe from predators in a cool, dark corner.  What brings a raccoon to settle on your garage for shelter?  An environment safe from people and animals is priority.  If they can easily slink in and out of the space, are out of the elements and near a source of food, raccoon will happily call your rarely used space their home.  Enough about the behavior of the raccoon, though; how do you get rid of them?

NJ raccoon removal can be done the easy way, and of course the hard way.  In this case, the hard way is also the very dangerous way.  Some people may think it's cheap, entertaining and maybe even empowering to try trapping a raccoon on their own.  While some may be successful, consider your own safety.  Raccoon can carry a host of diseases and are known for being very protective of their young.  Capturing a raccoon on your own can expose you to nasty bites, scratches and a high-pitched screeching sound (it's something like a war-cry for the raccoon).  

Don't be a hero!  Let a professional North Jersey raccoon removal specialist deal with your pest problem.  Not only do they have training and expertise in handling wild animals like raccoon, but some (like Alco NJ Animals & Pest Control) use humane methods.  That means, although you don't want the raccoon family redecorating your shed, you want to ensure the family is moved into nature rather than killed.  While NJ raccoon removal experts like the staff at Alco can't promise you the raccoon will enjoy their tree in the forest as much as they enjoyed your attic, they can promise you humane, affordable and satisfying service.  That's the easy way!


  1. Knowing what to look for when selecting a good pest control company could save you a lot of time and headache.

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  4. Hearing noises in wall or living spaces because of raccoon can be bothering, as well as can turn into a genuine health risk to your family, pulling in germs, soil, and that's just the beginning. You may without a doubt have considered slaughtering the squirrel or harming by trapping or harming them. Rather you can settle on squirrel removal by contracting a Wildlife removal organization. Squirrels can cause monstrous damage to encasing and wiring other than initiating earth. Your home is not the perfect put for the small animals; subsequently they ought to be uprooted at the closest conceivable opportunity and kept in their regular environment.