Thursday, March 8, 2012

North Jersey Ants are On the Move

With this recent batch of early warm weather, Northern New Jersey ants are becoming more active. Flies and spiders are out, and birds are hunting them down while preparing to nest.

Soon the ground will warm up too, releasing a swarm of carpenter ants, beetles, and other pests.

The first thing that these insects will seek out will be food: scraps of leaves, fruits, and unfortunately, crumbles from your kitchen. At Alco Pest Control, we offer comprehensive ant removal services for all types of ants, including carpenter, that are safe and sure to be effective.

Carpenter ants can be especially quarrelsome for homeowners, as they can cause structural damage to houses similar to the work of termites, burrowing through damp and decaying wood to build their nests. Our ant pest control services help to minimize this damage.

Alco Pest Control has always offered a fully guaranteed pest control service, so whether ants, termites, or any other pest is bugging you this spring, make Alco your first line of defense!

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