Friday, April 20, 2012

Professionals Handling Squirrel Removal in NJ

As the NJ summer comes along, we can expect many things. Hotter days, more road rage, and more squirrels. They may seem like cute and cuddly creatures but Squirrel Removal in NJ is going to become more and more important. Squirrels are notorious for eating out of bird-feeders, inhabiting sheltered areas such as attics or basements, and digging in plotted plants to try and recover seeds. Squirrels are also dangerous pest because they have the tendency to chew on various objects, which range from vegetables growing in backyards or electrical lines running through houses.If you run into any "squirrely"  situations, there is Squirrel Animal Control in NJ you can trust!  ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control specializes in safely removing all squirrels from your homes attic and basements in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson and Morris Counties.  We provide same day Squirrel Removal Services in NJ and will respond as quickly as possible because squirrels tend to be become violent when protecting their young or their territory. Our company  offers great advice and solutions because we are well certified and informed when it comes to animal control and the safety of animals in New Jersey. Remember for all your squirrel removal needs in NJ let the professionals handle it! Call us at: 973-540-9944!

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