Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bees Be Gone

Spring is now here, and the all insects are thriving and colonize in this warm moist weather. Especially the carpenter bees, which resemble the bumble bee in both size and appearance.
These busy bees thrive after their winter hibernation and usually cause a bee infestation in your garden and target the pollen spurring out of your flowers. Not only will carpenter bee target your flowers, but also leave holes in your wood. These nesting holes are building blocks, food and nesting homes for bees.  However, this could be highly annoying to fix and leave unattractive hole in your home's foundation. Get rid of the NJ Carpenter bee before they leave holes in your home and drive you out of your own garden.  Alco NJ Pest Control will make sure all pesky insects from ants, bees to wasp are gone. All while implementing prevention methods to keep these insects away.
Never try to remove NJ carpenter bee because they will attack if they feel threatened.  These stubborn bees are dangerous to remove on your own, especially if you are allergic to their venom.  Female NJ Carpenter bee will defend themselves by stinging and injecting painful venom in your skin, while male bees will dart attacking you.   Leave this dangerous and annoying project to New Jersey top pest control exterminators with affordable prices. Alco Pest Control pride themselves with same day pest removal and implement prevention methods to control and minimizing the insect population in New Jersey. Their licensed trained exterminators are extremely knowledgeable in all insect biology which gives an upper hand in removing and preventing.
 NJ exterminators understand the make, biology and behavior of all carpenter bee and their species to ensure insect removal and prevention. Not only do carpenter bees attack your garden but now they will target your houses wood foundation. Do not allow these bees to continue to colonize and populate in your yard, hire Alco Pest Control and show these bees whos boss.  At Alco Pest Control Services all safe, effective and humane methods are implemented to remove your infestation. All humane pesticides and traps are safe for the pest and animals well being. Contact Alco Pest Control and have a trained specialized inspect your home for free, provide a free estimate and analyse your situation 973-540-9944. 


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