Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flea Removal in NJ

The most commonly known insect that invades many homes are fleas. These hitchhiking bugs traveling from one host to another feasting on blood and nesting deep in hair roots or animal fur.   If you own a pet the chances of fleas in your home are high, since fleas prey on cats, dogs, and anything with fur. NJ Flea removal is highly recommended because fleas jump as high as 5 feet in less than 3 seconds which causes infestation rapidly. At home NJ flea removals do not always work since fleas are small and fast, a trained professional must removal and decontaminate flea infested areas. Alco Pest Control specializes in NJ flea removal by understanding the make, behavior and biology. Then immediately treat infested areas and surrounding locations, which minimizing the chances of flea infestation.

We understand all types of fleas and the nesting/breeding areas, which we target immediately. Alco Pest Control provides highly trained professional that target every pest in sight with humane solutions and pesticides. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets. Many pet owners minimizing the concern of fleas on pets.  Bathing will not completely remove fleas only minizine the amount, leaving remaining fleas to repopulate.  Not only do fleas travel from host to host but also nest in furniture, carpets and curtains.  Fleas are tiny to the naked eye but extremely noxious. Spreading dangerous germs that can cause your pet to be ill, along with individuals if you touch your pet then your eyes or mouth.  Eliminate the harm in your house and contact a professional NJ flea removal specialist to ensure the safety of your pets, family and home.

At Alco Pest Control we understand the demand to remove these infected insects, this is why we offer affordable high quality flea removal and animal control in NJ. Contact NJ Pest Control and receive a free inspection along with a free estimate 973-540-9944. With the mere mention of Alco Pest Control fleas will surely flee.


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