Friday, May 4, 2012

NJ Termite Removal

Termite season is here, and these pesky insects has caused major damage for NJ residents. Many people are inattentive to termites since they are easily mistaken as winged ants. With this simple mistake of not contacting a NJ pest control, it may cost homeowner hundreds for wood repair. With termites feasting wood foundation 24 hours a day, wood damaged can be extensive and contribute to weak and fable structure. It is highly recommended to contact an exterminator if you notice winged insects in your premises.  HIgh chances they are termites, with Alco Pest Control services we offer free insect and rodent inspection.  With this special offer provided there is no risk in contacting a NJ pest control you will only see results.
At Alco Pest Control we provide same day services, along with 24/7 convenience to ensure the safety of your home's foundation. All exterminators are highly knowledgeable on all termite behavior and biology to properly eliminate and prevent infestation. Termites resemble winged ants, do not take a chance on these small but damageable insects. Contact a professional exterminator before potential damage occurs or continues. We always work hand and hand with top-notch technology to eliminate every insect on the premises. 

Termites are extremely dangerous to house foundation and can only be detected with proper insect equipment. Termites nest and thrive in moist environments this is why Alco Pest Control uses Moisture Meters to detect moisture in wood and potential termites nesting. A probing tool is recommended to locate wood damage and potential feasting areas. Also a infrared camera which works as an extra pair of eyes, and is used to actually look for termites behind wood frames.  With these high-tech equipment termite removal and prevention is done in no time.  not only do we inspect houses foundation but we also treat and prevent in surrounding areas of your home.  With affordable termite removal and NJ pest control we ensure insects will be a thing of the past.  Protect your home for potential damage and receive a free inspection and analyze today and save money in the long run. Contact Alco Pest Control and receive free insect inspection and affordable competitive prices.


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