Monday, December 24, 2012

Roach Control in Bergen County

Scientists have theorized it is possible for cockroaches to survive a nuclear explosion and a number of other disasters.  The joke is often made that roaches will be walking the Earth long after humans are gone because of this alleged invulnerability.  That is wonderful news for the roach species, but at the moment we are still around too and there is no place for them in our homes.  If you suspect an infestation problem where you live, it is time to consider roach control in Bergen County.

The life-cycle of a roach is only a few months in the most favorable conditions.  This might seem positive, but what this really says is the roaches are mating multiple times in a year.  It does not take long for a few roaches to turn into a much larger population sharing the same roof as you.  What makes this worse is the roaches’ dead skin left from molting.  Molting is a common occurrence in the roach’s life-cycle and can have negative health effects.

Anyone is susceptible to an infestation.  Keeping a clean house does not guarantee your home will be free of pests.  The smallest of crumbs or remains can attract them and they will seek out any available sustenance once established.  It is also not wise to try and remove the problem through your own means.  What may temporarily work is not a long-term and permanent solution.  Your best option is to enlist the help of experts in Bergen County roach control.

A roach problem can quickly get out of hand if not handled as soon as possible.  If you are finding evidence of roaches or have seen them in your home, call us today at (201)-261-7566 for same-day roach control in Bergen County.


  1. I have been pretty lucky because I've never had cockroaches. I have had friends that have had cockroaches and it was hard for them to get rid of the roaches. It took some of my friends about a month before all of the roaches were completely gone.

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