Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Springtime Bee Control in NJ

Spring time is finally here, a time when Old Man Winter retires and the threat of snow is lifted. People feel more at easy, and everyone seems a little bit happier. That is until you go to your shed to get your lawnmower, or pull your grill out of your garage, and there are signs of a pest problem.
Many pests in NJ catch “spring fever” and when they do they often seek a secluded spot, near a food source to make a home. This is what makes your shed, basement, and garage perfect for the critters.
  •          Chipmunks – Normally, chipmunks are solitary creatures, but in the spring they are driven to find a mate. They have depleted their winter food storage and are driven to reproduce before the next winter hits. They are likely to find a warm place that will shelter their litter from predators.
  •         Squirrels – While squirrels seem especially energetic during this time, they are really just hungry. Chances are with a long winter, like the one most of North NJ has dealt with, the squirrels food supply ran out a while ago. The long winter has also prolonged the sprout of their favorite foods and will drive them to find alternative food sources, such as your garbage. When a squirrel has an ample food source, they will likely nest closely to it.
  •         Bees and Wasps – Most stinging insects hibernate during the colder months, in many species only the queen will survive the winter. Spring time is when the bees and wasps reestablish their colonies and the young that have survived the winter become mature. It is always good to check your yard and any outdoor spaces for signs of bees and wasps. If you do find a nest, you will want to call a company that deals with bee control in NJ.

Alco Pest Control has specialized in bee control in NJ since 1995. Call Alco Pest control today and one of our NJ pest control experts will be glad to answer any questions you have about bee control in NJ. We also offer a free estimate on all bee control in NJ

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