Monday, July 28, 2014

Bed Bug Removal in NJ

If you are in need of bed bug removal in NJ, the pest control professionals from Alco Animal & Pest Control can provide you with fast, efficient services to remove the problem. Since 1995, Alco Animal & Pest Control has been providing New Jersey homes and offices with quality pest control. Our expert knowledge of pest control allows us to provide you an effective solution for any insect problem your home has encountered. Whether beg bugs have invaded your home or business, our trained professionals are ready and equipped to provide quality same-day service. Since the safety of our customers is our highest priority, humane and environmentally-safe products are always used to ensure the well-being of your pets and family.

Of the many different types of bed bugs, the most common and well-known species that may require bed bug removal in NJ is called Cimex Lecturaius and has a tendency to seek refuge in beds. Though this may seem obvious, it can be difficult to properly identify a bed bug infestation. However, at Alco Animal & Pest Control, one of our professionals can inspect an actual sample of the bug to guarantee proper home or office treatment.

If you have not found solidified proof that there are definitely bed bugs in your home or office, there are some signs to keep an eye out for. Bed bugs typically feed at night, so if you find yourself with small red bites, typically three in a row, that is one sign. Bed bugs also give off an odor of rotting raspberries, which can be a second indication. If you have been made aware to either of these signs, our pest control experts can certainly clarify for you whether or not you have bed bugs, and then create a plan to move forward with our services for bed bug removal in NJ.

For a free inspection and 24 hour, same-day services for bed bug removal in NJ, contact Alco Animal & Pest Control at 973-540-9944 today!


  1. The bed bugs issue is very much annoying and disturbing, you cannot have a peaceful night with sound sleep. However, with the help of competent exterminator like Bed bugs 911, you can easily flush the bed bugs out from your life and thus lead a comfortable sleep. thanks

  2. When insects are crawling on my wall, my skin crawls along with them! I heard that getting a pest inspector is a good idea before moving into a house. I agree and I'm definitely going to make sure that happens before we get into our house.