Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bed Bug Extermination Services NJ

Bed bugs, despite their very small size, can be a large and horrific problem. Due to their small nature it may be difficult to see if there are bed bugs on the furniture in your home. If there appear to be obvious signs of a bed bug infestation, such as frequently waking up with new and small bites, you should consider the appropriate actions to take in ridding your home of these blood-sucking insects. Alco Animal and Pest control has years of experience in safe and quick bed bug extermination.

Alco's bed bug extermination services NJ are reliable because of the knowledge and experience of the pest control specialists. Bed bugs are resilient creatures and although they usually seek blood every five to ten days, they can live as long as eighteen months without feeding. Because of their tiny size and adaptability, bed bugs can be a hard pest to remove from your home. Bed bug exterminators at Alco have been well experienced in this field and can help effectively remove them so you can once again live and sleep comfortably.

Alco Pest control prides itself on quick and safe pest removal to guarantee the extermination of bed bugs NJ. For same day pest control, contact Alco for immediate removal of these insects.


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