Monday, October 10, 2011

Opossum Removal NJ

If you are looking for opossum removal from your New Jersey home there are a few facts you should learn about them. Opossums are only native to North America and they are the only marsupials that are native in North America. Opossums are like the Australian native marsupial, the Kangaroo because females that carry their young in their pouch. Possums are nocturnal animals that are rarely seen in the day time. They are known for their amusing habit of playing dead when they feel threatened. Opossums are scavenger animals whose diet consists of everything from vegetables to snails and even rodents. They are also adaptable creatures and can make home wherever water, food and shelter exists.

If an opossum has made it's way into your home, the smartest option for you is to have expert opossum removal NJ from your home. Although it is unlikely that the opossum will fight back if you try to catch it yourself, it is very likely, especially during breeding season, for there to be young opossums in your home as well. Since opossums have many young in each litter is important for an expert to safely remove all opossums from your home.

Although opossums are usually clean animals and it is uncommon for them to carry disease, they are capable of carrying insects like ticks and fleas. Opossums are also likely to bring disease into your home by the feces that they leave behind. For these reasons, if opossums are close to your home, they must be removed. Alco Animal & Pest Control provides full possum removal control services in NJ.


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