Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Types of Possum Problems

Opossums are attracted to man-made living spaces because of their advantages from the weather and predators as well as their close location to water and food. Opossums begin to create problems when they find your home and rely on your garbage for food and pet bowls for water.

Types of possum problems in New Jersey include:
  • Stealing your pets food 
  • Ripping apart and scattering your garbage 
  • Biting your pets ( Opossums have 50 sharp teeth) 
  • Carrying insects such as fleas and ticks into your home 
  • Leaving behind feces and allowing your home to become susceptible to disease such as salmonella 
  • Raising a liter as large as 20 inside of your home's spaces (attics and basements are perfect homes for mother opossums) 
  • Strong glad excrement similar to that of skunks 

The types of possum problems in NJ are many. It is not uncommon for possums to make nest in homes and get trapped in walls and small spaces where they die and need to found and removed. Since opossum babies rely on the mother and are not immediately independent, ask a professional to remove these animals from your home so none are left behind and capable of creating more problems. Alco Animal & Pest Control in New Jersey employs professionals trained and experienced in opossum removal so you can be sure your home is safe from all types of opossum problems.


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