Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raccoon Removal NJ

Raccoons loose in your home or property are a grave health and safety concern, so immediately contact Alco Pest Control NJ if you are in need of a raccoon removal in NJ. These animals usually avoid contact with people and are not normally aggressive, but during nesting times such as the fall and winter they will look for warm, dark areas such as basements and attics in order to keep out of the cold. This is a situation that you should never attempt to deal with on your own – you need the professionals at Alco Pest Control NJ to handle raccoon removal in NJ in an efficient and convenient manner.

Raccoons carry dangerous pathogens and diseases such as raccoon roundworm and rabies. These are hazardous to humans and can make your life a nightmare. Do not let things get out of hand, but call pest control experts and feel safe with the knowledge that you are protected without worrying about taking any personal risks. If you act now, you can even get a $30 discount for first-time customers and still receive amazing raccoon removal in NJ at a reduced price.

For more information about the raccoon removal in NJ offered by Alco Pest Control NJ, speak with an expert today by calling 973-540-9944.


  1. If I thought mice were bad, a raccoon would be worse! They do have the ability to carry rabies, which is dangerous to humans. They also have little claws that can scratch and they can hiss rather menacingly! http://www.abcwildlife.com/raccoon_control.html

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