Friday, September 6, 2013

Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest-Free This Winter

As the weather begins to get cooler, the behavior of animals and insects starts to change. Many pests are more comfortable in warmer climates and will attempt to make their way into homes and businesses. This can happen, and it is unfortunate when it does. Luckily, Alco NJ Pest Control is here to help you when it does. We are a professional company that provides high quality pest control services to NJ.

Here are some simple precautions that you can take so that pest control in NJ is not necessary. The most important thing to do is to make sure that your home is fully sealed. Many animals, such as squirrels and raccoons can enter your home through very small openings. It is said that full-sized squirrels can fit into holes the size of your fist. Some entry points can include chimneys and spaces where pipes or wires enter your home. Make sure that all of these spaces are blocked off. One way to do this is to cover screens over any entrances that are not fully plugged. On the other side of this, do not cover any holes if there is already an animal living in your attic. They are likely going in and out, and this will just keep them inside.

Although summer weather is generally too hot for animals to survive in the attic, it is the ideal temperature and atmosphere for animals in the fall and cooler months. This makes summer the perfect time to check your attic for holes and make sure they are all filled. You can also spray your attic with animal repellents that are found in common gardening or hardware stores. Some people make homemade repellents by mixing cayenne pepper with water.

Make sure that branches do not get too close to your windows. Several animals reside in trees which makes them only a short jump away from being inside your home. By keeping your branches trimmed and pruned, you can limit animals’ access into your house through windows.

We understand that getting an animal out of your home or business is top priority. That is why we offer same day services as well as special 24 hour emergency services. If you would like any more information on any of our NJ pest control services, call Alco NJ Pest Control at 862-220-5297.


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