Friday, October 11, 2013

Common NJ Pests

In NJ there are many animals that may encroach on your property, and can potentially become problematic. This is a list of the most common pests that you may encounter in NJ:

  • Raccoons – These mischievous, albeit cute, critters can become quite a nuisance especially during this season. Right now raccoons are gorging themselves adding up to 50% body fat to get ready for the winter. They can be a big problem considering their highly developed tactile sense. Their front paws consist of five fingers, giving them human like hands, so they can open many things just like you.
  • Bees – Most notably in NJ are honey bees. Bees will build nests in almost every place possible; cracks in walls, attics, boxes, pipes, ventilators, shades, trees and garages. It is amazing how quickly honey bees can form a hive, but they can become a nuisance. Often when there are abnormally large numbers, it can lead to unwanted encounters, unfortunately for some people these encounters can become fatal.
  • Mice and Rats – Each winter, nearly 21 million homes in the US are invaded by these rodents. They will typically enter a home between now and February, looking for food and shelter. Mice can squeeze through a hole about the size of a dime, rats about the size of a quarter. This means that a small crack or opening in the exterior of your home becomes an open door for these rodents. 

If you are noticing signs of any of these, or other, pests it is a good idea to contact a NJ pest control company. When considering a pest control company it is good to make sure that they inspect your home inside and out, top to bottom. This will ensure to rid you of your pest problem and ensure the pests do not return.

If you have any questions about pest control in NJ contact Alco Pest Control today. Alco employs professional, trained pest control technicians, ensuring the best solution for your pest problem.

Alco Animal and Pest Control


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