Thursday, October 24, 2013

Identifying NJ Pests

Although the fall is usually the season where insects and reptiles diminish in numbers outside, there is no guarantee that pests won’t be able to find their way into your home and set up shop for the winter. The experts at Alco NJ Pest Control are drawing upon our extensive experience to supply you with some facts about the pests that call North Jersey home and how to prepare yourself to battle these fall invaders, starting with insects.
  • Ants - Whenever you see one ant, there are untold hundreds more that are usually close by. Ants can be vectors for infection and carpenter ants might even do structural damage to your building. Usually these pests are around an open food source, and the kitchen is a good place to sweep for ants in your house.
  • Bed Bugs - The name says it all with these blood sucking insects. Since the bed bugs themselves are elusive, the easiest way to diagnose a problem is by finding small, red bites on your body. These infestations spread quickly in buildings where people live in close proximity.
  • Cockroaches - New Jersey can be home to a number of different cockroach species, but any one of these can spread sickness and discomfort. These pests require a professional pest control NJ to truly eradicate.
  • Crickets -These chirping insects are not too hard to detect in your home, but can flourish in surprising numbers and will become a problem if neglected. Homeowners can usually deal with one or two crickets without professional help, but an infestation requires skilled technicians.
  • Termites - The reputation of termites is well-deserved, and they will do serious damage if left unchecked. In NJ, recent facts support that you have a 1 in 5 chance of having termites.
  • Moths - Drain flies, moths in cabinets and attic moths are not usually a serious concern, but if you see large amounts of these winged pests you need some help from the pros.

Take stock of your home or business and look for signs that you might be hosting these common NJ pests this winter. If you find something alarming, contact Alco NJ Pest Control and have your issue dealt with quickly, professionally and comprehensively.

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