Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Get Rid of Ants

The change in seasons is a great time to evaluate the defenses your home has against pests. New Jersey is a great climate for insects, rodents, reptiles and other pests who will try to come indoors when the weather is cold if they can. Take some pointers from the experts at Alco NJ Pest Control and prep your house against ants who may try to take over your home this fall.
  1. Seal the entryways of your home so that the ants can not get inside. Caulk up the cracks, make sure screens and windows close all the way, and stuff putty in to fill the gaps around the foundation that could be letting ants inside.
  2. Close food containers and keep your kitchen sanitary and clean. Ants are attracted to any source of food such as full garbage cans, stains and fruit juice or similar messes that might not have been cleaned properly. Keeping your home as clean as possible is a good way to cut down on these invaders.
  3. Use a natural form of ant deterrent such as talc (found in baby powder) around windows and doors, because it will repel ants who are sensitive to these substances.

For more information about ant control in New Jersey in order to stay comfortable in your home during the winter, call Alco Pest Control NJ and speak with an expert.

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