Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mice Control in Ridgewood NJ

Mice can live anywhere people can live and are found on six of the seven continents in the world. The experts from Alco NJ Pest Control are professionals at New Jersey mice control in Ridgewood and have published some amazing facts about these little creatures to help you find them in your home and know how to prepare against an infestation.

Mice are survivors – they can tread water for nearly three days, squeeze into a space the size of a nickel, live on a minimal amount of available food and are extremely quick. It is very difficult to catch mice on your own.

Mice can thrive in any situation – a female mouse can have a litter that averages ten pups every three weeks – meaning one year might offer one hundred baby mice. Mice mature in about two months and the population can exponentially explode.

Mice carry diseases – because they are voracious eaters (eating nearly twenty times a day if possible) they also make messes all over their territory. Finding a mouse dropping is a sure sign of a mouse infestation and necessitates immediate mice removal in Ridgewood before people start getting sick.

21 Million American homes become infested with mice during the fall and winter months. Do not become one of these by doing what you can to prepare. Seal openings with silicon or caulk, do not leave food around where it can attract the vermin and place sticky traps or spring traps in likely areas the mice could wander such as basements, attics or crawlspaces. If you find mice, call Alco NJ Pest Control for mice control in NJ.

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