Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bed Bugs Still Appear During Winter Months

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not seasonal pests – they can invade homes all year round. Homeowners should be aware of this fact, and always be on the lookout for these pests.

Bed bugs do not adapt to the cold very well, so they will be more likely to seek shelter indoors. They will utilize mattresses, furniture, and cracks and holes in floors and walls as places to live to stay out of the cold.

The reason that bed bugs do not appear to be as “active” in the winter is because people are not as “active.” In the summer months, people are always traveling and staying in hotels or motels while they are away. Because people are more likely to be staying in other places in the summer, there is a greater chance of bringing bed bugs back home. In the winter time, traveling is less common; however, bed bugs can still find their way into homes.

Bed bugs do not typically make their appearance known until right before dawn, when they come out to feed. Signs of bed bugs include blood stains on bed sheets and tiny bites on people – typically three bites in a row.

It may be difficult for homeowners to identify whether or not the bites they have are from bed bugs in the summer, because other insects that feed off of blood are mosquitoes; however, mosquitoes are seasonal bugs, so the chance that the bites came from mosquitoes is eliminated in the winter.

If you find traces of bed bugs, it is very difficult to remove them on your own. To help alleviate you of your bed bug problems, you should hire a company that can do these services for you. Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control is company that provides pest control in NJ

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