Monday, January 13, 2014

Rat Removal in NJ

Rats are responsible for the transmission of diseases, and some are often fatal to humans. Their feeding habits are destructive and can damage electrical systems in homes and buildings. Rats are stealth in nature, making infestation hard to detect. Rats prefer to hide, so if rats are seen in plain view, chances are there is a full-blown rat infestation. Rat droppings are a tell-tale sign that there is a healthy, feeding rat population in a building. The droppings can often be observed along the floor where the wall and floorboard meet. This calls for professional rat removal in NJ.

Rats are rodents, and one behavior all rodents share is a need to gnaw to keep their incisors at a healthy length. While this is beneficial to rodents health, this is a nightmare for the integrity of a home's structure. The damage they cause can be seen in floorboards and along walls, indicating a sure sign there is a rat population in a building. Rats' teeth leave rough marks and the holes are often large in size.

Rat traps, glue traps, etc. are only effective on an individual specimen and do not provide an adequate resolution against an infestation. They are also very smart mammals and are wary of anything that is out of the ordinary, which is why many rat infestations can only be remedied by a professional pest control company. Alco Pest Control are experts in rat removal in NJ and offer free inspection and estimates on any extermination service.

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