Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Pest Control in NJ

The winter is full of guests, some of them are unwanted. New Jersey's diverse wildlife often seeks shelter during these months, unfortunately they find it in your house sometimes. The NJ pest control experts at Alco Pest Control have these tips to prevent any furry friends from finding your furniture favorable.
  • Replace worn weatherstripping around your windows. Mice and rats can gnaw soft spots along your window frame and sill to gain entry into your home.
  • Your roof has many access points for bats and squirrels. Patching eaves and flashing joints with thin steel sheets will make it harder for the pests to enter your attic. Trimming trees that hang over your house will also prevent an easy pathway for squirrels.
  • Cover your chimney flue with a cap to keep out bats, squirrels and raccoons. A thick metal screen will also work well.
  • Check your siding for gaps and holes where mice and rats can burrow. For smaller holes caulk can be used, but for larger holes it is recommended to seal them with expanding foam.
  • Inspect firewood before bringing it inside your home. Roaches and ants nest in firewood, which could lead to an infestation in your house.

With these tips your home should be safe guarded against any unwanted intruders. If you are experiencing a pest problem, Alco Pest Control is here to help. We provide you with professional pest control in NJ and same-day pest removal.

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