Monday, September 26, 2011

"Bedbug Hysteria Worse Than Bedbug Bites," NJ Bedbug Experts

WARNING: Do not attempt to eliminate your bedbug infestation on your own.  Call a professional in bedbug removal in NJ immediately.  They will save your clothes, your mattress, your home and maybe even your life.

With a new generation of bedbugs making a comeback due in part to their resistance to pesticides and ability to travel with people in their clothing and bedding, reports are finding the panic over bedbugs is more threat to our safety than the actual pests.  Rather than contacting an expert in bedbug removal in NJ, people are attempting a do-it-yourself method to eliminate NJ bedbug infestations and are misusing poisonous chemicals in their homes, on the sheets and directly applying it to their skin.

Piotr Naskrecki/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, via Reuters
Experts agree, "People could do more damage to their health by misusing pesticides than they would suffer from the bedbugs, which are upsetting and unpleasant, but not known to be carriers of disease," says one New York Times bedbug article.

The over application of pesticides is one way many people have attempted to rid themselves of NJ bedbug infestations, but instead are simply causing harm to themselves because bedbugs are immune to certain pesticides while humans are inhaling harmful chemicals.  An older couple recently sprayed and saturated their double-wide trailer home with pesticides and even went so far as to directly apply insect killer to their skin.  The female, with a history of breathing problems, was hospitalized and later died of respiratory failure.  Federal officials believe her condition was made worse by the high doses of pesticides in which she lived and breathed.  Many other people who try a homemade method of exterminating their NJ bedbug infestations could experience headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting in mild cases.

The New York City area and New York State area have the most cases of poisoning related to pesticide misuse and over application.  According to the New York Times bedbug article, "The most common reasons for poisoning were excess use of insecticide, failure to wash or change bedding that had been treated with pesticide, and failure to notify the people living in the home that the pesticides had been applied."
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