Monday, September 12, 2011

Safe Animal and Pest Control in North NJ

Bergen County animal invasion and Morris County pest infestation season is upon us.  During this time of year, many animals will seek out a warm and secure home away from cooler weather and where an abundant food source is available.  Home owners and office works may begin to notice crawling in the walls, animal droppings and even see large nests being built.  Alco Animal and Pest Control in NJ has a safe, animal friendly way of removing these persistent critters without harmful chemicals that can kill animals or upset pets and people.

Most people will wait until they have an obvious home invasion by animals to call a professional, but the experts at Alco Animal and Pest Control in North NJ know a thing or two about preventative maintenance to keep animals from taking over spaces in your building.  Using a one-way tunnel system, invading squirrels, raccoon and other animals won't be able to return to their home within your home once they've escaped through the tunnel system.  The methods that Alco Animal and Pest Control in Bergen County use are meant to protect you, your family and the pests they work so hard to keep out.  Killing a pest invader isn't the only option.  Not only can poisons be ingested by snooping pets, but a dying animal living in your walls can leave your home with an unfavorable odor.  This is the time of year when raccoon are seeking new homes to start families and multiply.  Stop those raccoon from taking over your yard or shed with a reliable raccoon control specialist in Morris County.

Of the somewhat cute critters that can make homes in your yard, trees and unoccupied spaces, NJ hornet nest control can be the feared and unattractive of all pest control.  The swarms are scary, and the nest itself can grow to the size of a basketball according to Alco Animal and Pest Control experts in NJ.  Attempting to solve the problem on your own may seem like the most cost-effective method, but the Alco Animal and Pest Control professionals are... well, professionals!  Alco Animal and Pest Control in NJ also offers savings on animal removal and pest extermination services in NJ for homes and offices located in New Jersey.  A nest can contain a few hundred insects ready to protect their home.  The professional pest controllers at Alco Animal and Pest Control in North NJ are more than happy to inform New Jersey residents and out-of-state visitors on these and other species that can cause dangers to their health.  A professional can give advice and suggest solutions as well certified experts in pest control.  When it comes to animal control and the safety of animals in New Jersey, that is a true professional's priority.


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