Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raccoon Removal and Control NJ

Female raccoons looking to nest loves to do so in dark corners of attics. If a raccoon problem has occurred in your home, call Raccoon Control Services NJ right away.

Raccoon Animal Control NJ offers expert raccoon removal and raccoon control services for the unfortunate situation that a raccoon has wandered their way into you home's attic, basement, or chimney. These animals can bring terrible dangers to the health and safety within your home. It is important to have a professional NJ raccoon animal control service like Raccoon Removal NJ address the problem immediately. 

Not only can raccoons carry and spread the rabies virus, but the female raccoon also passes the virus to her unborn kits. Raccoons are also known to carry the raccoon roundworm. Further, the mother raccoon will also do anything to protect her newborn kits. The raccoon even gets its name form the Indian word "arakum" which means "it scratches with its hands."

If you encounter a raccoon trapped in your home, we urge you to please call us NOW for your safety. Contact Raccoon Removal and Control NJ for any animal control needs. Call us today at (973)-540-9944 or(201)-261-7566 for same-day animal services NJ.

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