Thursday, September 8, 2011

Opossum Removal Services NJ

Opossums - or possums, as they're mostly commonly known as - are a common marsupial found in North America.  They generally feed on insects, small mammals, fish, and dead animals.  They present no real danger to the public out in the wild but can become a problem once they're trapped and are unable to escape from homes and other buildings.  An additional problem with opossums from the wild is that they may carry parasites like ticks or fleas.  This is where Alco Animal & Pest Control comes in.

Alco Animal & Pest Control offers opossum removal services in NJ.  Our certified technicians are experts in trapping opossums and making sure they don't come back.  We offer full opossum removal service in Bergen County as well other parts of NJ.  We're more than happy to inform NJ residents as well as out of state visitors of the potential hazards of these and other species.  We offer great advice and solutions because we are experts in animal control and the safety of animals in NJ.

For opossum removal service and other pest control needs, call us today at (973)540-9944 or (201)261-7566 for same-day pest control services for homes and offices in New Jersey.


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