Monday, August 12, 2013

Evict Unwanted Houseguests With Alco Pest NJ Carpenter Bee Removal Service

Carpenter bees in NJ are extremely common. You've probably seen them flying around the eaves and roof of your house, but this species of bee poses a unique threat - instead of making their homes in hives, they prefer a nice piece of wood. This behavior makes carpenter bees particularly troublesome for home owners with lots of trees or fencing on their property, and NJ carpenter bee removal is crucial for any such homeowner.

Most people may assume that a carpenter bee is trying to attack them, but in reality these bees are very curious. Although the bees are rarely aggressive, their desire to bore holes into the wood of your home and property makes carpenter bee removal in NJ a priority.  Carpenter bees burrow into wooden fence posts, jungle gyms, and similar places in order to store their food and eggs there. You will even see the female carpenter bee buzzing around plants like, azaleas, bradfords, daffodils, and pansies. They're very hardworking bees, foraging all day for food for the nest, but they can become a danger when their breeding grounds are in your home and yard. New Jersey carpenter bee removal done by the experts at Alco Pest Control is highly recommended

If you believe that your property has a carpenter bee problem, do no try to remove them yourself. Instead call Alco Pest Control for same-day carpenter bee removal in NJ. We are a locally based Pest and Animal control company servicing all of New Jersey. Our NJ bee removal methods are effective and environmentally safe, without causing harm to your children or pets.

Contact Alco Pest Control today by calling 201-261-7566 and speak to a New Jersey bee removal expert.

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