Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skunk Control in Bergen County NJ

We all have a good time watching Pepe Le Pew, but having a skunk in your home or business is not nearly as cute as the cartoons led you to believe. If you are having problems with skunks in or around your home or business, Alco NJ Animal Control is a professional company that performs high quality services for skunk control in Bergen County NJ.

Alco NJ Animal Control uses only safe and humane equipment and methods in Bergen County NJ skunk control. We guarantee all of our customers with full removal services. The four species of skunk commonly found in New Jersey include:

  • Striped/hooded skunks
  • Spotted skunks
  • Stink badgers
  • Hog-nosed skunks

Skunks are generally reluctant to spray or attack, and generally hiss or stamp their feet to frighten off attackers. If  skunks feel threatened, they will spray and possibly even bite. They may carry rabies or other diseases.

If you find a skunk nesting around your home or business, do not hesitate to call Alco NJ Animal Control. We offer same day services as well as special 24 hour emergency services. If you would like more information about skunk control in Bergen County NJ, call Alco NJ Animal Control at 201-261-7566.


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