Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NJ Animal Control

Throughout NJ there are many different animals that may become a problem for your home or business. Most mammals like to find warm dry places to call home, and sometimes this could be your attic, chimney or basement. At Alco NJ Animal Control, we specialize in safe and humane animal control in NJ.

Here are a few steps you can take if an animal made it's way into your home or business:

  • Don't Touch it- Many animals look harmless, but can carry diseases. Even if it's a baby, never attempt to pick it up.
  • Don't Panic – Don't chase the animal around your house. This will cause it to feel threatened and it may become violent.
  • Isolate the animal – If possible and the animal is in a separate room, close all doors and call Alco NJ Animal Control immediately.
  • Separate your pets – Removing your pets from the situation is not only beneficial to their safety, but also to the safety of the animal.

Our experts provide your home or business with same-day animal control in NJ. Safety is our number one concern when it comes to removing animals in your home or business. Wild animals can be dangerous, we don't recommend attempting to remove them yourself.

Alco NJ Animal Control has years of experience with NJ animal control and will remove the animal without any hassle or danger to you. Alco NJ Animal Control will rid your home of any unwanted wild visitors. When removing an animal from your home or business, we will do it carefully, insuring the safety of you and the animal.

At Alco, we offer 24 hour same-day animal control in NJ. For more information, contact our experts at 201-261-7566


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