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Squirrel Removal in Bergen County

Are you looking for Squirrel Removal in Bergen County, NJ? ALCO Wild Life Removal offers prompt, professional and safe Squirrel Removal in Bergen County, NJ since 1995 for many satisfied clients.

Squirrel Removal in Bergen County

Did you know that the United States houses over 200 species of squirrels, from the ground to tree and flying squirrels? This means there’s always a high chance of finding these critters lurking around your residential or commercial properties.

If you come across one, don't be fooled by its cute large eyes, small form, and curved hairy tails that beg for a touch. While cute, squirrels can cause damage to their surroundings, especially if they invade your living space. Fortunately, professional squirrel removal services in Bergen county can help remove squirrels on your property.

Is Squirrel Removal Necessary?

Outdoors, these critters are beautiful to look at but make no mistakes about living them indoors if they infest your home. The simple reason is that they have similar behavioral traits to rats and mice.

Squirrels love to live in attics. Like rats, they are small, fast, and can climb high walls. They also love to chew things. So, when they infest your home, they will chew on wires, ducts, and pipes and use these hidden insulations to create a living nest for their nuts and seeds. Besides this, they create vexing sounds when they run about above the ceiling or in the attics.

When you notice a squirrel in your home, the right thing to do is quickly remove squirrels because they create safety and health hazards. When squirrels chew on the insulation, it means a high chance of a fire hazard. They harbor ectoparasites like fleas and leave urine and feces around the house that can cause diseases like leptospirosis.  

How Should You Remove Squirrels?

Most people have often tried self-means to remove these critters from their homes. But, the truth is that this process is almost impossible to achieve.

Unlike rats and mice, squirrels are not naturally aggressive. However, they may get frantic if cornered, leaving small yet harmful bites or scratches. A bite or scratch can become infected or lead to the transmission of a viral disease. So, the best way to remove squirrels is to hire professional pest control services.

How Do Pest Control Services Help Remove Squirrels?

Pest control companies engage their trained and experienced squirrel removal technicians to handle your squirrel situation.

These technicians first inspect the house to examine the level of infestation. Then, they discover entry points of these critters, fix these openings and remove squirrels via trapping - a humane pest control method of pest removal and release them back into the wild. This process keeps wildlife from extinction and your properties safe.

Have you noticed squirrels around your Bergen county home? Contact reliable pest removal companies like NJ Pest & Animal Control for quick squirrel removal services. 

For more information about our Squirrel Removal in Bergen County, NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

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Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ? ALCO Wild Life Removal offers prompt, professional and safe Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ since 1995 for many satisfied clients.

Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ

Every year, over 14 million housing units n the United States reports seeing roaches and house pets like house mouse around their homes.

So, if you live in Bergen County, New Jersey, the chances of seeing one around your neighborhood are high, and the risk of infestation on your property is higher.

However, one of the mistakes people often make is being deceived by the cute and playful nature of the house mouse. House mice are nuisances that can damage your valuable properties, infect your food, and spread a virus that harms you.

When you notice a mice infestation in your home, the next step is to remove them.

Dangers of Mice Removal

Performing wildlife removal, especially when it involves the house mouse, can be dangerous.

The house mouse carries pathogens, like hantavirus and salmonellosis, which may cause severe health challenges when one touches them or comes in contact with their droppings and urine.

On the other hand, a house mouse is an animal and does not speak human language. Hence, they are often unpredictable. However, one quality they do share with humans is their intuitive senses.  

Mouse, as small as they are, can get defensive, especially when they feel threatened. If you approach suspiciously, the mice quickly get defensive and might leave bodily harm like bites or scratch marks. In fact, they become twice aggressive when they feel danger lurking around their pups. Besides this, house mice can get defensive when they feel a threat to their space.

The fact that there are many safety and health risks involved with mice removal means when you notice mouse infestation, getting a trained and experienced mice removal technician to remove them is key.

Call a Professional Pest Control Technician for Mice Removal

When it comes to keeping your home safe from house mice, a professional pest control technician is the right person for the job. They have the training, qualifications, and experience needed to remove mice without sustaining bodily injuries.

Pest control experts do a thorough home inspection to find and fix entry and shelter problem areas. They also use efficient, safe, and quick humane control treatment methods to remove mice around the house so you can sleep safely and avoid future mouse issues.

If you have seen a mouse around your Bergen County home, find reliable pest control technicians near me, like NJ Pest & Animal Control, to quickly identify the source of the problem and deal with mice infestation.

For more information about our Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control – Your Trusted Provider for Mice Removal in Bergen County, NJ.

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Pest Control Cost

Are you looking for Pest Control Cost in NJ? Would you like to know how to determine what is a reasonable pest control price in NJ?

Pest Control Cost   

A home is a retreat from the tiring nature of the outside world. However, it won’t feel so comfortable with unwanted pests lurking in hidden corners.

If you find yourself dealing with pest infestation, a good way to handle pest infestation will be to hire pest control services.

But, before you hire professionals to help you out, you need to know how pest control technicians determine pest control costs.

What Factors Go into Pest Control Prices?

Pest control technicians consider quite a few factors when providing a pest control price quote. Some of them include:

1.    The Type of Pest

Like how people differ in height, weight, shape, and size, pests also differ. You may spot Racoons around your home and hire technicians to remove them in less than a day. However, pest control treatments for bugs and raccoons will differ due to their size and numbers. What does this mean?

Pest control treatments differ for every animal. This diversity factor makes determining pest control costs different.

2.    The Environment and Its Accessibility

Simply put, the size of your property.

One of the first things many local pest control companies observe during a walkthrough of your property is how large your home is and how easy it will be to access the environment. If your property is small and has limited space or is large, the chances are that pest control costs may be high priced. However, if you have a small space with easy accessibility, you may receive low estimates.

3.    Frequency

One of the biggest factors that affect pest control costs is the number of visits required. Depending on the condition of your home, pest control treatments may range from a one-time visit to multiple treatments. However, pest control technicians won’t be able to give accurate estimates until they find the problem to know how extensive it is. If they diagnose the problem as solvable with one treatment, you’ll probably have to pay between $250 to $600. Multiple visits may cost between $150 to $300.

4.    Severity of Infestation

How long the pest problem has gone on and how much damage it has caused will also determine pest control costs. Depending on the severity of the pest infestation, your property may require multiple treatments, which will, no doubt, increase the overall cost of your service. However, the good news is that you won't have to pay a single high sum for multiple treatments.

Eliminate Pest Infestation on Your Property

Most of the time, you can keep pests away from your property with regular clean-ups. However, pest infestation is unavoidable. If you notice pests on your property, call a professional pest control company to assist with removal. Professional pest control services like Alco NJ Animal and pest Control offer competitive pest control estimates without hidden fees. 

For more information about our Pest Control Cost in NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control – Your Trusted Source for Pest Control Cost in NJ.

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Raccoon Removal

Are you looking for Raccoon Removal in NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control is the Raccoon removal company in NJ for many satisfied clients.

Raccoon Removal   

If there’s ever an animal that should be termed smart, it is a Raccoon.

Raccoons are quite smart creatures and are fun to observe, thanks to their beautiful panda-like colored eyes and cat-like stripped bodies. However, they’re nuisances you don’t want to keep around your home.

Like rats, they scavenge through your foodstuffs and garbage bins, leaving them in disarray and infected with diseases that cause safety risks. Fortunately, you won’t have to share space with them if you hire local raccoon removal services to remove Raccoon once and for all on your property.

What Attracts Raccoons to Your Property?

The simple answer is food. On the flip side, we’d say that you can't tell.

Raccoons are omnivorous creatures. Hence, they will feast on pretty much any foodstuff they find, whether livestock, dairy products, plants, crops, or other food within their reach.

However, Raccoons are best known for their sweet tooth. If you have a garden filled with high-sugar fruits like peaches, berries, apples, plums, melons, and grapes, the chances are that they’ll lurk around your home. Their sweet tooth also attracts them to corn or any trash bins containing food scraps they can feed on. If they notice your home and trash can always have food scraps, they'll become regular visitors to your home.

Besides this, raccoons also love food high in proteins and water. So, if you have a fish pond in your yard, the fish pond might turn into their haven.

How Does Raccoon Removal Work?

To keep raccoons away, we take up regular cleaning chores to ensure our windows and doors are tightly fitted, and garbage bins are kept tidy so raccoons and other small animals won't enter our homes.

Regardless, the truth is that your best efforts to keep raccoons off your property won’t always turn out as expected, especially if your garbage can is always stocked.

This is why in other to remove raccoons from your property, professional raccoon removal companies employ three key strategies, inspect, discover, and fix.

1.    Inspection

To successfully remove raccoons from your home, raccoon removal services check for signs of infestation. From footprints to raccoon poop and large openings around your home, the raccoon removal company will carefully observe your property to ascertain the severity of the infestation.

2.    Discover

The investigation will make it easy to detect the severity of the infestation. With this discovery, It becomes easy to customize a solution to treat raccoon infestation.

3.    Fix

This is where the actual removal takes place. Most raccoon companies will employ trapping and exclusion treatments to prevent wildlife from going into extinction.

Are you looking for an easy way to remove raccoons from your home? Raccoon infestation will cause damage to your habitat. If you live in New Jersey, the best way to avoid this is to hire professional raccoon removal companies like ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control

For more information about our Raccoon Removal in NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control – Your Trusted Provider for Raccoon Removal in NJ.

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Pest Removal in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Pest Removal in Bergen County, NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Removal offers prompt, professional and safe Pest Removal in Bergen County, NJ since 1995 for many satisfied clients.

Pest Removal in Bergen County, NJ

Pest infestation is often a widespread challenge many homeowners in Bergen County, New Jersey face.

Interestingly enough, these pests don’t build nests in your home because they can't find anywhere. Pest infestation has become a problem as a result of the unhygienic habits people portray.

Still, it won’t matter what attracts them to your house. If you’ve found signs of pest infestation in your house, what matters is getting them out.

So, How Does Pest Control Work?

Pest control methods vary on how serious the infestation is. However, it’ll typically include:

1.       Inspection: This method entails doing a complete walkthrough of the property to determine its current condition. It involves examining the floor walls, ceiling, HVAC systems, furniture, electrical systems, clothes, and every nook and cranny of the house.

2.       Discovery: Inspecting the building makes it easy to find loopholes. These loopholes are little openings pests can gain access to the house. For pests like rats, it'll mean discovering small entrances where they come in from and their hiding den.

3.       Fix: After discovering pest hideouts, the next step is to cover them up. This way, small creepy creatures, and wildlife won't find their way into your house.

These three steps will make getting rid of unwanted wildlife or insects in your home easy. Sometimes, a single treatment following these methods will yield good results other times, pests still linger around the property even after proper control measures.

Depending on how serious pest infestation is, your property may need multiple treatments to ensure pest prevention in the long term. A routine follow-up treatment won’t cost much depending on how large your home is and the level of pest invasion. But, regardless of the cost, it’ll offer attractive perks like giving your home the highest level of protection it needs to keep pets out.   

Get the Right Pest Removal Services in Bergen County

Pest removal is a strategic step toward protecting your home. But, how effective a pest removal service depends on how good the company you hire is at their job.

Most pest removal companies utilize many common pest control methods that although effective, can also harm the environment. A reliable pest removal company will keep small organisms and wildlife that threaten your health with eco-friendly human treatment.

If you’re looking for pest removal in Bergen County, NJ, ALCO Animal & Pest Removal are experts on the job. They use integrated pest management methods to remove pets from your property while keeping your environment safe. Visit to get pest removal estimates for your New Jersey home. 

For more information about our animal and pest services, call us today at (862)220-5297.

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Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ

Are you looking for Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Removal offers prompt, professional and safe Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ since 1995 for many satisfied clients.

Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ

Pests are nuisances at home. When given a breathing space, they damage far beyond visible items, from wiring to ceilings, leaving you with potentially thousands of dollars in damage to repair.

For this reason, homeowners need to get pest removal services as soon as signs of pest infestation manifest.

What Does Pest Removal include?

Bugs, termites, rats, cockroaches, ants, and rodents are common pests found around the house. While they might seem harmless at first sight, these little creatures can make buying expensive items you love impossible because they’ll feed on them.

Termites find their way into your wooden furniture and fest on them. Ants and bed bugs can adapt to any environment so that when they enter your house, you won’t easily find them. While ants may leave small bites on your skin, bed bugs won’t do any real harm. However, they can cause allergic reactions in people with bed bug allergies.

On the other hand, cockroaches play significant roles in causing intestinal diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, and diarrhea. They also carry fatal plagues like leprosy. That’s not all!

Places where Racoons build their nest also scavenge through trash cans and end up loitering the environment. However, rodents are the most infuriating of them all. While they have a small for, they are fast and good at playing hide and seek. Once they enter your house, they’ll damage the furniture, bedding, and frames and even infect foodstuffs through their droppings, thereby transmitting diseases like hantavirus, tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonella.

The bottom line, pests around residential and commercial buildings pose health risks, which you don’t want. The best way to ensure your security and that of your family is to remove them from your property. But, there’s a catch!

It's not just about keeping pests away from your residential or commercial building for some weeks only to see them creeping around your property again. Pest control ensures that pests and wildlife won't be a problem in the long term.

Let the Professional Keep Your New Jersey Home Safe

Pest control is not really an easy task because creepy-crawly creatures like rodents, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and raccoons are defensive and fast. So, trapping them won’t be painless.

The good news is that professional pest control services in Essex County, NJ, like ALCO Animal & Pest Removal offer have years of experience and training to handle various pest situations. Plus, depending on how serious pest infestation is in your New Jersey home, ALCO Animal & Pest Removal uses expert humane management tactics that keep pets alive while keeping your home safe.

For more information about our Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control – Your Trusted Provider for Pest Removal in Essex County, NJ.

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Pest Removal in Bergen County NJ

Looking for Pest Control in Bergen County, NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control is the Pest Control service for you!

Pest Removal in Bergen County NJ

Pest infestation in an apartment building or neighborhood can be infuriating, especially as pests don’t just stay hidden. Instead, they leave behind small droppings that may be hazardous to human health. Plus, they have high growth rates and reproduce within a short time.

Personal preventive efforts are effective in preventing pest infestations. However, most pests like rodents are defensive and make removal a hassle.

To protect your property and health from existing pest infestation, you need to hire a professional pest removal company.

The Pros of a Professional Pest Removal Company

Professional pest removal technicians are trained to address pest infestation and implement other solutions to prevent future infestation of pests. They do this via a specialized approach so that their plan is well-suited for your specific needs.

On the other hand, pest control technicians utilize prevention treatments like pesticides and human treatment to keep pests off your property.

Humane Treatment Vs. Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals or pest control products designed to kill household pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, and even flies. Some pesticides come in sprays, liquid forms, and others in powder form. They are fast acting and quickly suck the life out of the pest. But, most pesticides are toxic and hazardous to human health. Wrongful exposure to pesticides can lead to pesticide poisoning.

Symptoms of acute poisoning from pesticides often surface shortly after exposure. The most common symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps, vomiting, blurred vision, diarrhea, sweating, excessive eye watering, and excessive saliva. Chronic symptoms of pesticide poisoning may surface after repeated exposure to pesticides over a long time. The most common chronic symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness, and difficulty in remembering things and concentrating.

On the other hand, humane pest control treatment does the opposite of pesticides but achieves the same results. Humane pest control treatments remove pests without harm. With the human method, the pests get a second chance to live. Pest removal technicians will only set traps to capture pests and release them back into the wild but far away from your home.

Hire Pest Removal Company to Prevent Pest Infestation

Pest Infestation is usually difficult to manage yourself because some pests are defensive and may cause you harm. Rodents are one of the most defensive animals that can cause bodily injuries with their sharp claws. For this reason, you want to hire professionals trained in pest removal to solve your pest infestation problem.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control is the Pest Control service has years of experience offering Pest Control services to US homes, especially in Bergen County, New Jersey. So, no matter the pest infestation problem you have, ALCO Animal & Pest Control can solve your Pest Control problem easily.

For more information on pest control in NJ, call Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control today at (862)220-5297.

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