Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Squirrel Removal in NJ

Squirrels, without a doubt, are among the most adorable creatures. The sight of squirrels running around in your garden is definitely interesting. However, they lose their cuteness once they start making their home in the attic or any other part of your house. Squirrels can cause structural damage or may rip out and chew electrical wires. They can also destroy your outdoor property and woodwork.

Squirrel Removal in NJ
There are numerous methods to get squirrels out of your home, but the most efficient and cost-effective method is to hire professionals like Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control to handle your Squirrel Removal in NJ. A point to note here is the longer you are letting squirrels roam around in your home, the more damage they can cause. Therefore, it is strongly advised to professional squirrel removal services a soon as possible. Furthermore, longer stay of squirrels in the attic or any other part of your home means a rapid increase in their numbers. Since squirrels can mate twice in a year and may give birth to 4 or 8 offspring at one time, you can expect eight, if not more, squirrel in your home by the end of a year.

Process of Squirrel Removal by Professionals

The process of squirrel removal generally adopted by professional companies including setting up to effective capture traps at different points of your home. This requires skillful handling so that squirrels can be easily caught. Once the squirrels are captured, they are transported to some other location.

Why Alco for Squirrel Removal Services?

For the squirrel removal services, you need to rely on Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control as they are known for their lasting results and cruelty-free methods. They set squirrels free, after capturing them in your attic, miles away from your residence. 

At Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control they have professionally trained staff, who complete the job of squirrel removal in your home in the most efficient and safe manner. They have years of experience of dealing with the animals; hence, they are aware of all the risks and safety concerns that come with making your home pest-free.

To sum it up, professional squirrel removal services, without any doubt, is the most effective solution to combat the issue of squirrel infestation in your home.  They are equipped with the right tools and to form a formidable trap to capture squirrels in different parts of your home.

To schedule a Squirrel Removal in NJ call Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control at (973)540-9944.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Opossum Control in NJ

If уоu live in New Jersey, уоu'vе probably ѕееn your fаіr ѕhаrе of ороѕѕumѕ. Evеn in ѕuburbаn аrеаѕ, ороѕѕum populations ѕtау quite hеаlthу іn this rеgіоn. Hіgh рорulаtіоnѕ lеаd tо opossums pushing closer and сlоѕеr tо human соnсеntrаtіоnѕ to bеttеr ѕurvіvе. Some have аdарtеd to ѕtеаlіng pet food аnd gаrbаgе fоr ѕuѕtеnаnсе, аnd some hide in rеѕіdеntіаl structures fоr wаrmth and ѕесurіtу, especially during the cold winter months. 


Opossum Control in NJ
Oроѕѕumѕ аrе roughly саt-ѕіzеd mаrѕuріаlѕ, uѕuаllу аrоund twо fееt lоng and tеn pounds іn weight. Wіth thеіr ѕіlvеr-grеу fur and еxроѕеd tаіlѕ, thеу can ѕоmеtіmеѕ look lіkе overgrown rats. They tеnd to lіvе bеtwееn 2-4 уеаrѕ іn thе wіld, mаkіng thеm ѕоmе оf thе ѕhоrtеѕt-lіvеd mammals оf thеіr size. Oроѕѕumѕ аrе оmnіvоrоuѕ and will еаt nеаrlу аnуthіng (whісh is why they lоvе уоur gаrbаgе). You wіll most often ѕее ороѕѕumѕ at nіght bесаuѕе they are nосturnаl. 

Whу Thеу'rе Pests 

Opossums are ultіmаtеlу реѕtѕ because thеу uѕе humаn-рrоvіdеd rеѕоurсеѕ tо survive whеn people wоuld generally рrеfеr thеу nоt. Oроѕѕumѕ еаt almost anything, so ѕсаvеngіng for gаrbаgе оr ѕtеаlіng уоur pet's fооd thаt'ѕ left оutѕіdе аrе раrtісulаrlу easy wауѕ fоr thеm to sustain thеmѕеlvеѕ. In addition tо trуіng to fіnd food, ороѕѕumѕ оftеn ѕееk wаrmth and shelter іn colder mоnthѕ, leading thеm tо fіnd thеіr wауѕ іntо аttісѕ, undеr dесkѕ, and іntо sheds. Thіѕ саn lеаd to a ѕсаrу and unwаntеd encounter fоr уоu, уоur сhіldrеn or уоur pets. 

Are Thеу Dangerous? 

Gеnеrаllу ѕреаkіng, ороѕѕumѕ are nоt very dangerous. They аrе shy сrеаturеѕ whо wоuld rаthеr аvоіd a соnfrоntаtіоn. Thаt being said, ороѕѕumѕ are wіld animals with vеrу ѕhаrр сlаwѕ and tееth, and they wіll аttасk you or уоur реtѕ іf thеу fееl sufficiently thrеаtеnеd. Nеvеr corner an ороѕѕum оr any other wіld аnіmаl as their only way аwау frоm уоu is thrоugh уоu. Do not send уоur pets after ороѕѕumѕ еіthеr; thе opossum mау nоt win thаt fіght, but bе аѕѕurеd thаt thеу wіll fight аnd your pet will suffer fоr that. If you come асrоѕѕ аn ороѕѕum іn оr nеаr your hоmе, рlеаѕе, dоn't try tо remove іt уоurѕеlf; саll a professional wіldlіfе removal team. 

Dо Thеу Cаrrу Dіѕеаѕе? 

Opossums have excellent іmmunе ѕуѕtеmѕ, but thеу саn carry a variety of раrаѕіtеѕ and dіѕеаѕеѕ -аftеr аll, they саn and do еаt garbage аnd саrrіоn. Internal parasites саn usually be раѕѕеd thrоugh contact with opossum droppings, аnd external раrаѕіtеѕ (ѕресіfісаllу, flеаѕ) can bе раѕѕеd through рrоxіmіtу. Opossums rаrеlу саrrу rabies, wіth оnlу 1 in 800 аnіmаlѕ statistically іnfесtеd, but you ѕtіll don't wаnt that 1 in 800 ороѕѕumѕ to bite уоu, уоur сhіldrеn оr уоur pets. 


Thе оnlу way tо remove реѕkу ороѕѕumѕ frоm your home is tо trap them аnd transfer thеm tо аnоthеr еnvіrоnmеnt. Don't try tо do this yourself! Yоu wіll оnlу rіѕk hurting уоurѕеlf оr hurting the animal. Bу hіrіng a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl wildlife rеmоvаl team like Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control, уоu can be ѕurе thаt еvеrуоnе ѕtауѕ ѕаfе аnd that уоur particular ороѕѕum wіll nоt fіnd its wау bасk іntо уоur home. In addition tо rеmоvіng аnd rеlосаtіng any problematic opossums, professional wіldlіfе removal tеаmѕ саn also оffеr ѕоlutіоnѕ to hеlр ensure thаt аddіtіоnаl opossums аnd other wildlife dо nоt еntеr уоur home or оthеr living ѕрасеѕ in the future.

Contact ALCO Animal & Pest Control for same-day opossum control in NJ at: (973)540-9944 or (201)261-7566.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control - Your Trusted Opossum Control Company in NJ

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Raccoon Removal in NJ

As the winter months approach, many of our furry friends will want to hibernate and take shelter somewhere warm. This includes the less cuddly - raccoon. Racoon Removal in NJ can be a necessary service when owning a home. 

Raccoons are smart and pesky creatures. You have either had your own garbage or your neighbors toppled down by raccoons, leaving a mess on your lawn. Now, imagine this type of mess inside your home. 

ALCO NJ Animal & Pest Control
Most raccoons will take residence inside an attic. The average raccoon weighs about 25-30 lbs, and can easily trample and compress your attic's insulation by simply walking around on it. Pregnant female raccoons that are looking for a nesting place will clear large areas of the attic to nurse their young. They love the dark, quiet corners in attics, basements and crawl spaces found in houses, sheds, and barns through out New Jersey. A mother will do anything possible to protect her newborn kits including producing a loud sharp screech followed by bites and scratches to any human or other animal such as a cat or dog who get too close to her nest. This is the most recognized animal in North America and it gets its name from the Indian word "arakun", which means "scratches with its hands." 

An even scarier thought for any home owner is that many raccoons will use your attic as a litter box. These problems are multiplied when as many as eight babies are born and raised just inches above your ceiling. 

They have also been known to carry roundworm, which is transmitted to humans through ingestion and inhalation of eggs passed in their feces. They can also carry rabies. While preyed upon by foxes, bobcats, coyotes and owls, the common raccoon is more frequently killed by cars and disease. It can often be rabid without showing any outward symptoms of the viral disease. Due to the public's fascination with this native New Jersey animal, rabies has become an even greater a threat than it was previously. Not only can it carry (and spread) the rabies virus; the female can actually pass the virus to her unborn kits in utero.

To reduce your family's risk of infection and return your attic to it's proper condition, Call ALCO NJ Animal & Pest Control today at (973)-540-9944 or (201)-261-7566 for same-day pest control and raccoon removal in Hudson County services

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bed Bug Control in NJ

Bed Bug Control in NJ are every homeowner's biggest fear. They are small, wingless, parasitic insects that inhabit sofas, beds, mattresses, and other home furnishings. Bed bugs are a growing problem in homes, dorms, hotels, shelters and more. They are very hard to see, given they only grow 0.25 inches long when they're full adults. 

Bed Bug Control in NJ
How do we prevent these creatures from inhabiting your home or biting you? You want to prepare yourself, especially when you travel. 

A few key things you will always want to carry with you when you travel are a flashlight, in order to inspect hotels, and rental cars. Another is a hard-shell or collapsible suitcase. These suitcases can be easily washed and don't have seams or folds that the bedbugs can burrow inside of. Next, you want to read reviews online of places you are staying at. Chances are, if they have reviews talking about cleanliness or a bedbug incident, you shouldn't book it. 

When you are inspecting a room be sure to store your luggage in the bathroom. Bedbugs usually avoid bathrooms because of the slippery tile. You'll want to inspect the headboard, sheets & pillows (I would ask for a fresh set regardless, but check anyway), the box spring, and the nightstand. Remember, you are looking for small black dots that look like ground pepper. 

Once you come home from your travels it is very important to wash your clothes with hot water. Be sure to re-inspect all your luggage carefully before bringing it into your home. 

These are some key preventative measures you can take to protect yourself from bringing home these little critters. Since they are so difficult to eradicate yourself, it is important to call a professional like,  Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control to eliminate your bedbug infestation. You can help by removing excess clutter, which gives bedbugs fewer places to hide. If you think you have found a bedbug, the only way to know for sure is to have one of our Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control specialists inspect an actual sample. If it is indeed a bedbug, our 2 visit, 2 week treatment will destroy the insects eggs and their infestation from your home. Proper treatment and after-care will leave your home pest free. Our bed bug removal service comes with a six month guarantee. 
Bed Bug Control in NJ

When you  call ALCO NJ Pest Control, our vermin control will provide you with a free inspection and 24 hour, same day bed bug removal. To learn more about all the services we offer, give us a call today at 201-261-7566. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Squirrel Control in NJ

Squirrels, although interesting and rather humorous critters at times, can be quite the pain in the neck for homeowners. Often, some people will just make an intimidating gesture to get them scurrying back up the nearest tree and off their property. Despite thinking you can manage your squirrel problem yourself, it's a wiser bet to get the assistance from a professional for your squirrel control in NJ.
Squirrel Control in NJ

At ALCO Animal & Pest Control, we understand how annoying and persistent squirrels can be. Whenever homeowners try to tend to their own squirrel problems, they're not always successful and the squirrels will end up coming back. With our squirrel control services, we can ensure that you're never bothered again by another irritating rodent on your property. 

Some of you may be thinking, why is squirrel control important?

Well, despite you encountering these little guys here and there whenever you step outside, it's imperative that you understand what these rodents are capable of. Ignoring the your squirrel problem can bring damages to your property, only calling for costly repairs in the near future.

These little guys can chew on just about anything in their path. Because they have small bodies that can fit into the tightest of spots, including areas in your home you're not aware of, gaining access to your electrical wiring. When they chew on your wires, you risk experiencing numerous power surges and even complete lack of functionality. Consequently, you will be forced to hire an electrician and a squirrel control service to fix the costly problems. Your electrical issues than bring concern for your family and your own safety. 

Luckily, our pest control experts will be able to get right to work, riding your squirrel control in NJ with our environmentally friendly products and humane methods. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Don't let your squirrel situation get out of hand!

To schedule an appointment for our squirrel control in NJ, contact ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (973)-540-9944.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Exterminators in NJ

When you find unwanted pests within your home, you get the overwhelming urge to get rid of the annoying critters. If you realize that there is an infestation within your home, and you want to deal with it safely and without running the risk of damaging your home or your health, and, most importantly, to make sure that the infestation is actually over and doesn't recur, you should look for reliable and effective exterminators in NJ. Luckily you don't have to look far.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control's exterminators in NJ are here to help you with your pest removal today. Our expert exterminators have the experience and knowledge to handle your pest infestation problem. We have provided many satisfied customers with effective and prompt pest removal services for over 22 years.

Whatever pest situation you have, our professional exterminators in NJ can be at your location promptly and start performing the necessary pest removal services. We use environmentally products and humane methods to handle your pest removal safely and effectively.

Our expert exterminators in NJ provides pest removal services for bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, bees or any wildlife critter that resides on your property. We understand that your home is your safe space, warm place. No pests should take that away from you.

Exterminators in NJ

ALCO Animal & Pest Control exterminators are here to help you today. We can give you a free estimate for our pest removal services. We also offer 24/7 emergency pest services.

To request help from one of our exterminators in NJ or inquire more about our other pest services at ALCO Pest Control, contact us at (973) 540-9944. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pest Control in NJ

Pests of all types can be a huge hassle and at times a great threat to residents. It's uncomfortable knowing that these critters are walking about your home and property. Many homeowners use different sprays and powders around their house to keep pests at bay. However, pests will keep coming back. Give yourself peace of mind getting the proper pest control in NJ service you deserve. 

ALCO Pest Control has the professionals you need to handle your pest problem. We have provided efficient pest control in NJ for over 22 years. Our pest control professionals have extensive knowledge of pest types and what treatments are needed to get rid of them.

We at ALCO Pest Control use environmentally friendly products and humane methods to handle your pest removal. Our pest control products are made by world leading pest control product companies, assuring that we will not only remove your pests quickly... but that we will prevent future infestations from occurring.
Pests have ways to hide their nest or their general whereabouts within your home. For common pests like termites, roaches, rodents and bees...you should call for our professionals to assist you immediately. Especially when it comes to bees because some people suffer from fatal allergies to their venom. 

Your home should be a place where you can relax rather than stressing about critters moving about your home or property. ALCO Pest Control is here to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We also offer free pest estimates and will work within your budget whenever possible. If you would like validation about our effective and exceptional pest control services, take a look at our reviews on google.

Don't let your pests take control of your home, let our professionals help you take it back.

To learn more about our pest control in NJ or to inquire more about our services at ALCO Pest Control, contact us at (201) 261-7566.