Monday, December 2, 2019

Bird Nest Removal Service

Are you looking for Bird Removal in NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Removal is the Bird removal company in NJ for you!

Bird nests are not usually as scary or intimidating as removing something like a wasp or a wasp nest, but they can be just as dangerous.

While some people might not mind playing hosts to breeding birds and watch the parents take care of their young ones, birds don't always situate their nest in safe places. However, before bird nests can be removed, it is pertinent to comply with local wildlife laws, as well as determine if bird removal is safe and suitable for the birds.

In some cases, it may be best to eliminate bird nests for reasons of safety and convenience. Good reasons to eliminate nests include but are not limited to the following:

  • The nest was abandoned after the breeding season.
  • The nest is not being used currently and is degraded and is dangerous for future use.
  • The nest in a dungeon must be cleaned for future residents or for winter use.
  • The nest is situated in a hazardous place and can pose danger and threat to the life of both birds and humans alike.

  • Often, it is when the nesting season ends and the birds move, the nests can and should be removed. However, if the birds situate their nests in poor places, they may have to be removed early to protect the adults and chicks they hope to raise. Unsafe sites generally include:

  • Near the aisle or busy road.
  • Inside the drain channel or drain pipe.
  • Ventilation connected inside.
  • On the inside of equipment such as a garden or a lawnmower.
  • Inside an active fireplace.
  • Balanced on the bumper or tire base of a vehicle.
  • In all very active areas such as walkways, playgrounds, construction sites among other places.

  • If these birds built their nests in these places, it is better to eliminate them and not rebuild them in the same place. However, if there are chicks or eggs in the dangerous nest, contact a bird rescue organization to see if they can serve the chicks until they are mature enough to leave the nest. Perhaps the nest can be relocated to a safer nearby place. Parents return to the nearby nest to continue raising their young, and when the young birds move away, steps can be taken to prevent adults from reusing the dangerous place.

    There are some nests however that one might not consider removing until animal control is called in to come and access the situation. Such nests include but are not limited to:

  • Birds that are at risk or threatened that and are also very unlikely to build a new nest if they are affected.
  • Large birds such as cranes or raptors that will be reused for many years.
  • Nests where the adult birds can be aggressive and dangerous such as owls and raptors among other types.
  • Natural cavities that can be destroyed when trying to eliminate the nest.
  • The nests would be hazardous for people who come and to remove it. These nests should be removed when the bird is not around so as to prevent any sort of arm coming to those who remove it.

  • For more information about our Bird Removal in NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

    Monday, November 11, 2019

    Squirrel Control in NJ

    Preventing a squirrel infestation on your property

    Are you looking for Squirrel Control in NJ? ALCO is the Squirrel Control in NJ for you! Since 1995 ALCO has been providing Squirrel Control in NJ for many satisfied clients.
    Squirrels might look cute, but these rodents have a tendency to be dangerous (to your health) and slightly destructive (to your property) as well. This guide can help you keep them at bay.
    Before you call for a squirrel removal, it will be important for you to know the types of squirrels that can possibly invade your property. Essentially, there are two species; the grey squirrels, and the flying squirrels.
    The grey squirrels pretty much follow the same pat at every point. Most squirrel removal contractors set traps along points of entry and identified paths when dealing with them, so make sure that you note the areas where they have the most activity in order to help the contractors place their traps well.
    For better reference, the most frequented areas are usually along the base of the house, around the roof, or around the tree that helps them enter the house in the first place. You can also pay attention to areas of your house that are scattered, as well as excess droppings.

    As for the flying squirrels, things are a tad complicated for squirrel removal. These animals prefer to glide around the attic, or close to the ceiling of your garage. So, squirrel removal contractors usually place traps by searching for areas that have a lot of droppings (or places where there are nests or tunnels). Since it is more difficult than it seems, squirrel removal contractors will get the job done on your behalf.

    So, when you establish that you have a squirrel problem, the first recommendation will be to cover all preventive methods, while waiting for the pest control contractor to get to your house. Also, make sure that you don’t stay in the infested area, as rodent infestations usually come with some health hazards as well. Lock all areas where you know that there has been an infestation, then call a squirrel removal contractor to help you get them out to prevent further damage.

    In the event that you want to prevent them in the first place, make sure that you have the following covered:
    1. Take out any food source that might attract rodents. Squirrels love bird feed, so never have that around the house. Also, ensure that you wrap any food in your home, and try not to leave any attractive stuff outside the house as well

    2. Install gutter guards and conceal all down sprouts that can provide easy transportation for squirrels into your home. Tracking squirrels can be a tad difficult, but when you have these guards installed, preventing their entry into your home is even easier.

    3. Any tree branches that hang over the roof should be trimmed. Squirrels have several ways of potentially entering your home, but you can cut their access significantly by taking out any low-hanging branches. They are damning gateways to your home.

    4. Any logs or wood stacked against or close to the building should be taken out

    5. You should also fix cracks in your foundation wall that squirrels can easily chew through

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019

    Pest Exterminators NJ

    A guide for pest exterminators in NJ

    Are you looking for Pest Exterminators in NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control are the Pest Exterminators in NJ for you!
    Since 1995 ALCO Animal & Pest Control has been providing excellent Pest Exterminators in NJ for many satisfied clients.
    When you get a pest problem in your home, it is a time for you to be careful when looking for pest exterminators to help you root the issue out. A lot of people want pest problems exterminated immediately they arise. However, most of these issues take a few days to become so alarming so you might want to take a minute and get a competent pest extermination company.
    To wit, you will need to do some work to get credible pest exterminators in NJ.

    Questions to Ask a Prospective Pest Control Firm

    Their current address and experience level

    It is important to know the experience level of a company, as it will give you an insight into how long they have been working. Also, while most companies will claim to have a stellar record, you can easily check out pest exterminators in NJ and their track record by checking the State Department of Agriculture, the Better Business Bureau, or the Environmental Protection Agency. Check if the company has any complaints filed against it, and make your decision based on their feedback.

    Ask for references

    You can also ask prospective pest exterminators inn NJ for the contact of some of their past clients, and ask them for references.

    Their licenses and qualifications

    Every pest exterminator in NJ should at least have one certification. Certifications provide an aura of legitimacy to their business, and you will feel more secure with a company that is recognized by the state. To verify licenses, you can also call the Department of Agriculture in the state. Licenses may be verified by calling the various State Departments of Agriculture.

    Credential copies, pesticides, and application instructions

    Reliable pest exterminators in NJ should be able to provide credentials, as well as some pesticides that you can use and how you should apply them. If you take pesticides from them, make sure to ask for precautions as well.

    Red flags to avoid

    You should also ensure to avoid companies which:
    1. Want the pest control as part of a package deal, or who will give some special price if the treatment is done immediately

    2. Can’t be reached through Email or telephone

    3. Sell their services from door to door. If they can’t provide credentials and identification, then you shouldn’t be doing business with them

    4. Arrive without being called and begin to show pests that they found in a nearby house as evidence of some problem in the neighborhood

    5. Claim to have developed a proprietary formula. All products are to be registered an tested by environment and health agencies, and they should contain a list of active ingredients in them

    6. Bring contracts and pressure you into signing, with claims that your house has structural deficiencies and might even collapse if these deficiencies aren’t treated immediately

    7. Claim to have been endorsed by a government agencies. These agencies don’t provide any endorsement, and they don’t tout any company or product on the market

    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Pest Control Tips

    Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

    Are you looking for Pest Control in NJ? ALCO is the Pest Control in NJ for you! Since 1995 ALCO has been providing Pest Control in NJ for many satisfied clients.

    Pests are a great disturbance for anyone, regardless of whether they have pets or anything in their home. Sadly, there are several ways for them to appear in your home, and you have a lot of worth to do when you begin to see them.

    So, in order to provide an easier life, we have compiled some of the most effective pest control tips out there to help you out. Note that these might not cover every type of pest, but as far as basic pest control goes, these tips will get you covered for sure.

    Close out pest entries

    When it comes to pests, your first line of defense is usually to make it more difficult for them to get into your home in the first place. The easiest pest control tip will be to check for holes. If your screens and have any holes you find blocked. Also, check for gaps in your windows and doors, and if the need arises, replace the stripping of your window.

    Clean the kitchen

    Perhaps the easiest way to attract ants and other insects is to have a pile of crumbs on your floor or kitchen counter. So, in order to ensure that these insects don’t even get into your home in the first place, just ensure that your kitchen is clean and free of any crumbs that shouldn’t be there. Sweep your floors, wipe your kitchen counter, and put away any food that you won’t be consuming anymore.
    Another simple pest control tip in the kitchen is to throw out your trash regularly. The trash can contains a lot of materials which attract pests, and the longer it is in the kitchen, the more the probability that these pests will find their way to you.

    Take out any standing water

    The most effective pest control tip for mosquitoes will definitely be to get rid of all standing water. Apart from providing a breeding ground for them, standing water provides mosquitoes with a great opportunity to grow and just stay unencumbered. Missing stagnant water is quite easy, so make sure that you survey your property regularly to spot puddles and drain them.
    Look for water puddles close to any air conditioning units, look in rain sprouts, and much more.

    Watch your yard and surroundings

    You will also need to ensure that your landscaping is maintained in order to avoid overgrowth, which will be the ideal situation for pests to grow. If you have any trees or bushes close to your house, make sure that you trim them.
    Also, rake up any debris and throw it out, and ensure that any overgrown weeds are cut down as well.

    Eat fruits and vegetables

    If you have fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter, you also need to ensure that they don’t get overly ripe. If they do, then they will most likely attract fruit flies. The problem with fruit flies is that eliminating them is a bit of a challenge. To ensure that they don’t even get in, eat those fruits.
    For more information about our Pest Control in NJ, call ALCO Animal &
    Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.

    Thursday, October 24, 2019

    NJ Pest Control

    Are you looking for Pest Control in NJ? For over 20 years Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control has been satisfying customers with our pest control services. Whether you need our service for your home or for your business, our Pest Control experts will eliminate your problem safely and promptly. We offer a free pest control inspection and free estimates. We provide 24 hr pest control and animal removal services for New Jersey. 

    For more information about Pest Control in NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862) 220-5297.
    ALCO Animal & Pest Control – Trusted for Pest Control in NJ.

    Monday, April 22, 2019

    Carpenter Bee Removal in Essex County, NJ

    Are you looking for  Carpenter Bee Removal in Essex County, NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control offers prompt, professional and safe  Carpenter Bee Removal in Essex County, NJ since 1995 for many satisfied clients.
    Whether it is residential or commercial Carpenter Bee Removal , ALCO Animal & Pest Control will solve your Carpenter Bee problem promptly.

    What is a Carpenter bee?
    Carpenter bees are popular in North America and especially here in New Jersey. They are bigger than most bees and float around dead wood where they like to burrow. Most of this bee species are all black, or primarily black with some yellow or white marking on their torso.

    How do I know when I have Carpenter Bees?
    When you start noticing small circles found in the wood around your home, mostly soffit, eaves and attic openings. These bees float around parts of wood or dead plant mostly by themselves but not that far apart. Carpenter bees also like to swarm and float in direct sunlight and they like higher areas compared to other bees. These bees do like their independence and will travel solo rather than in bunches or near other bees and insets.

    Do they nest?
    Carpenter bees make nests by tunneling into wood, bamboo, and similar hard plant material. The nest entrance is often a perfectly circular hole measuring about 16 mm (0.63 in) on the underside of a beam, bench, or tree limb. Carpenter bees do not eat wood. They discard the bits of wood, or reuse particles to build partitions between cells.

    Do Carpenter Bees sting?
    Males are harmless, since they do not have a stinger while female carpenter bees are capable of stinging, but they are docile and rarely sting unless caught in the hand or otherwise directly provoked.

    Are carpenter bees harmful to my home?
    Yes, Carpenter bees have been known for gnawing away wood anywhere around your home and property These bees will start emitting a pollen-like residue from their abdomen that can stain and build up on the sides of the homes they have invaded. Since these bees are very territorial, both male and female will always return to the holes they have burrowed to complete their larva development cycle. This is why homeowners choose to contract a professional pest control service that can identify and treat the carpenter bee larva properly.

    ALCO Animal & Pest Control uses environmentally friendly Carpenter Bee Removal products that are safe for children and pets. Our knowledgeable Carpeting bee removal technician will answer any questions you may have and explain to you every detail you need or want to know about controlling these bees.

    To speak to a Carpenter Bee Removal expert about  Carpenter Bee Removal in Essex County, NJ call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862)220-5297

    ALCO Animal & Pest Control - Your trusted provider for  Carpenter Bee Removal in Essex County, NJ

    Tuesday, March 19, 2019

    Mice Removal in NJ

    Are you looking for Mice Removal in NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control offers prompt, professional and safe Mice Removal in NJ since 1995 for homes and businesses located in New Jersey.

    Nothing is worse than seeing a mouse or finding mice droppings in your home. Even the cleanest homes can have a mice infestation because these rodents can and will live in any environment. Household mice control products that are sold in stores can be a tedious, unsafe and inhumane way to eliminate these rodents.  Most of the mice removal sprays and aerosol cans contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic if used more than recommended and are not guaranteed to solve your rodent problem. Poisoning a mouse and having it die inside your walls can create different types of problems were the rodent will decay inside of your house.

    Mice traps and small cages are not always effective and can cause harm to your fingers if they go off while setting these up.  Strip adhesives are an effective way to trap mice but are extremely inhumane because the mice suffocate itself to death.  These strips do not assure that the mice will leave your home and some mice have figured out the dangers and avoid those traps. In some cases, the trapped mouse has bitten the fingers of the person trying to move the strip outside their home.

    These mice removal methods are not guaranteed to solve your mouse infestation problem in your home. Any method of getting rid of rodents that uses poison is potentially hazardous to children and pets, and that is not the type of risk you want to make in your home.

    Why Choose Eco-friendly Pest Control?

    Alco Animal & Pest Control uses safe, effective and environmentally friendly means of mice removal for your home. We offer same day mice removal control and animal removal services in New Jersey.

    Our trained mice removal experts are ready to remove and control any mice or other pest problem you may have in your home or office. 

    To speak to a Mice Removal expert about Mice Removal in NJ call ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (862)220-5297 

    ALCO Animal & Pest Control - Your trusted provider for Mice Removal in NJ