Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Squirrel Removal in NJ

Unless you call for squirrel removal in NJ, your scared, furry visitor may cause some serious damage to your home. Our professionals take pride in humanely removing squirrels from your attic or house, wherever they may be, and letting them free elsewhere. With years of experience in animal and pest removal, we know how to lure these critters from your home and quickly provide squirrel removal in NJ. Afterall, a wild squirrel racing around your living room is enough to drive you nuts.

Squirrels are a very smart critter, capable of hording food supplies for future consumption (usually from your garden or bird feeder) or squeezing into small crevices into your attic. Their agility makes them very difficult to capture, and typically leads to a hapless battles of wits against the furry little acrobats. Squirrels are notorious chewers - you might be picturing their puffy little cheeks chewing away right now - but they can chew through wires causing serious damage to your home and fatal injury to themselves. Our squirrel removal in NJ service can remove squirrels before they get into the walls and create havoc.

A squirrel trapped in your home wants nothing more than to get out. When scared, they can become hostile and bite if cornered, so it's best not to try to remove them yourself. Sometimes our squirrel removal in NJ service sets up a one-way door so they can find their way out without being allowed back in. Rather than battling with the squirrel, we can try to encourage them to leave on their own accord - afterward sealing the entry point(s). Once the squirrel leaves or is caught, we will take the steps to prevent further furry intrusions in your home.

We provide professional squirrel removal in NJ to the following areas:

...and many more counties in NJ. Our knowledge, expertise, and equipment are sure to get rid of a squirrel in your home. For more information about our squirrel removal in NJ, call us today at (201) 261-7566.

Friday, September 25, 2015

NJ's Trusted Pest Control

Have an infestation and need pest control in NJ? As NJ's trusted pest control company with years of experience, we aim to quickly remove unwanted guests and provide great customer satisfaction. Our products are environmentally friendly, so you'll be safe as we take care of your pest problem. No matter the intruder, we can develop a strategy to remove them from your home or office and provide tips to keep them away. In emergency situations, we offer same-day removal services. Our NJ pest control service works hard to keep homes and buildings bug-free and residents comfortable.

There are many 6-legged reasons why you might need pest control in NJ. In recent years we've seen a resurgence in bedbug populations, spreading across the tri-state area like wildfire. These tough bugs can take quite a beating and don't get the hint they're unwanted - they have adapted to certain chemicals over the years. Our NJ pest control attacks bedbugs with a mixture of temperature control and chemicals that are unharmful to you. We take bedbug infestations very seriously, and we know that missing just a couple will resuscitate the entire infestation. That's why we use multiple session treatments to ensure your home or office is free of bedbugs.

Whether you turn on the light for a midnight snack and notice roaches scurrying for dark, or hear a symphony of chirps coming from your basement caused by a cricket population, our NJ pest control services can get your home back in order. When you need pest control in NJ, trust a company with the expertise, knowledge, and methods to not only remove the infestation, but create measures to prevent their future arrival.

We provide pest control in NJ for the following areas:

Calling for NJ pest control gets us out to you quickly, working hard as soon as we enter your home. When you have a pest problem, make sure you call NJ's trusted pest control company for quick and safe extermination and removal.

For more information about pest control in NJ, call us today at (201) 261-7566.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bee Exterminator in NJ

Though the season is winding down, you may still be in need of a bee exterminator in NJ. Because of the different varieties of bees buzzing around the state, it can be difficult to determine if you are dealing with bumble bees or carpenter bees, for example, and this is the difference between getting stung or not. When you think you have an infestation and need a bee exterminator in NJ, call us for prompt and expert service. With years of experience, we can take care of the problem while providing steps to take to prevent future unwanted houseguests.

Back to bumble bees and carpenter bees for a moment. They look very similar, but carpenter bees have a shinier abdomen (we know, you don't want to get close enough to look). Since carpenter bees prefer drilling tunnels in wood, there's a good chance they may be the intruders you're encountering. You'll notice large mounds of sawdust on the ground, a good indication they've found a new home. On the plus side, these little guys are all show - they don't have a stinger. Likewise, they only become defensive if they or their nests are attacked. As a bee exterminator in NJ, stinger or not, we'll get them to buzz off (we couldn't resist!)

Bumble bees, on the other hand, do have stingers. They won't swarm indoors, but you may notice them in branches, under your deck, or burrowed elsewhere. Left alone, bumblebees won't harm you, but you should keep a distance. If threatened, they will become defensive and sting. A swarm of bumble bees can create a nuisance and stressful situation, especially if you have children at home. When you call ALCO's bee exterminator in NJ, we'll quickly and safely remove the hive from your premises to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Lastly, honey bees are outdoor dwellers as well, and will also attack when they feel it necessary. Honey bees can only sting once - they die afterwards, so they tend to hesitate before attacking. Unlike the movies, bees aren't terribly aggressive. In fact, they'll typically keep to themselves until a boy with a stick comes along. Before it comes to that, call our bee exterminator in NJ to keep everybody safe and comfortable in, and around, your home.

We have a bee exterminator ready for the following areas:

For more information about our bee exterminator in NJ or any of our other pest control in NJ services, call us today at (201) 261-7566.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bed Bug Control in NJ: Should You Use a Bed Bug Dog?

In an effort to control bed bugs in NJ, our State Assembly has reintroduced a bill that cites a "500 percent" increase in bed bug populations in recent years. Such a jump in the presence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) has introduced various methods to prevent and eradicate home and building infestations. One such method has been the introduction of bed bug dogs - pups who have been trained to "sniff out" bed bugs for quick confirmation of eggs and hiding places. But does the hefty price tag warrant using a bed bug dog for bed bug control in NJ?

Bed bug dogs are trained to detect the scent of bed bugs - typically associated with rotting raspberries. When used, bed bug dogs are brought into a home and sniff out problems, barking or scratching when they detect bed bugs. Measures are then taken for bed bug control in NJ, the pest control gets to work, and the infestation is removed.

In recent studies, "false alerts" have been found when using bed bug dogs for bed bug control in NJ - for various reasons. In some instances, the bed bug dogs were not properly trained, and they were not actually detecting the presence of bed bugs, but of different pests. This is worthwhile in a way, as any presence of pests in the home need to be removed before they cause damage to your health and home.

In other instances, the dogs had been trained properly, but were quick to "bark out" a bed bug problem because the bed bug dogs knew that a positive alert led to a treat reward. After the positive alert had informed bed bug dog handlers of an infestation, they sometimes had problems finding any bed bugs at all; in these instances, rendering the costly service ineffective for bed bug control in NJ.

In scenarios where a bed bug dog returns a positive alert to the presence of bed bugs, it is in your best interest to ask for visible proof from the handler. If the bed bug dog has accurately detected an infestation or hiding place, the handler should easily be able to find and show you a live bed bug or carcass. If they cannot, we can provide a second opinion using our trusted methods and knowledge of bed bugs.

Our services providing bed bug control in NJ feature free inspections and proper identification of the insect; we can find and show you where the insects reside. Our pest professionals take action for bed bug control once an infestation has been established. Our methods require at least 2 treatments to eradicate bed bugs, using a combination of temperature control and safe chemical agents.

When you think you might need bed bug control in NJ, we provide the latest equipment, practices, and hold ourselves to high standards in bed bug removal. Our concern is making your home comfortable again, providing you with peace you deserve and a full night's rest.

For more information about bed bug control in NJ or our other pest control in NJ services, please call us today at (201) 261-7566.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bed Bug Removal in Hudson County, NJ

Between the 1940s and mid-90s, we were fortunate not to need bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ. Since the late 1990s, however, these little blood-suckers have come back with a vengeance. Bed bugs are not only a nuisance, but can seriously effect your health and well-being. Our professional bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ service can take care of bed bug infestations quickly, so you can sleep soundly.

Though the verdict is out on how, exactly, bed bugs came back to the metropolitan area, there are a few suggestions. Our prevalence for travel may have brought bed bugs back as unwanted souvenirs. Likewise, as cities welcome immigrant populations, they too have unknowingly brought bed bugs along for the move. Though bed bugs cannot jump, they are easily picked up when staying in hotels or an infested friend's home. They can also be picked up at a movie theatre or anywhere were many people come and go.

Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide and heat we emit, two things we provide a lot of while asleep. You might need bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ if you see bite-marks on your skin. These are actually allergic reactions to bed bug saliva, but pose no serious threat to you. This is why one person may experience bed bug bites while the other appears "unmarked". Unfortunately, an infestation can cause sleepless nights, afraid bed bugs might be crawling on you to feed.

Bed bugs feed in the wee hours of the morning, and for just about 5 minutes, before scrambling back into hiding. Our bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ experts are experienced and trained to locate bed bug locations, typically near your bed, and remove them with a combination of temperature control and harmless (to you) chemical agents.

Bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ requires at least 2 treatments to properly remove the problem. Since bed bugs are very cunning and reproduce quickly, every egg and bed bug must be removed for the infestation to be considered remedied. Our persistence in the fight against bed bugs won't end until we hit rates seen in the 1940s-1990s.

We provide bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ services as well as:

...and many, many more. Our professional pest control experts can eliminate infestations of many kinds, providing you with knowledge and steps to take to prevent future occurrences.

For more information about bed bug removal in Hudson County NJ, or any of our other pest control in NJ services, call us today at (201) 261-7566.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bats Control in NJ

It's summer, and while it brings visions of cannonball-jumping and BBQs, few think of bats taking refuge in your home or office. Alco provides safe bats control in NJ to remove these little guys from your home and provide comfort and safety to you and loved ones. After all, the only time a bat is a welcomed visitor is when it is proceeded by "man".

Bats can become a real bane to your home because while they are a non-aggressive animal, they can get quite defensive when spotted. In NJ, we are accustomed to seeing two varieties of bats: big brown bats and little brown bats - no, the names aren't very imaginative. But big brown bats pose more danger to your home and family than little brown bats because of their higher rates of rabies. You can tell a big brown bat by its large wingspan, approximately 14 inches, and their large colonies (sometimes up to 200!) typically spreading to homes and buildings during the spring and summer. Little brown bats, while a nuisance that can enter your home, typically prefer hibernation in mines.

You might not notice bats in your home until you take a trip to your attic, where they are known to hibernate because of an its warmth and darkness. Unlike the old saying, bats are not actually blind and disturbing them may cause panic - in you and the bat. When you see one, or a few, exit your attic immediately and call for bats control in NJ. Bats pose many benefits to nature, and without immediate removal they may die in your attic.

When our expert team comes for 24-hour bats control in NJ, we safely remove and relocate the bat, or bats, living in your home. We believe in humane bats control in NJ, especially because of their declining numbers. The only way to prevent future disturbances is to "bat-proof" your home, and we can help.

Bats control in NJ is one of many services we provide to home and business owners. Some of our other services include:

For fast and professional bats control in NJ performed by a dedicated team of knowledgable experts who care about the safety of you, your home, and the animals we remove, call Alco Animal Control today at (973) 540-9944.